Five ways to answer the question: Who is the baby daddy?

Over Thanksgiving, my younger sister announced that she was having a baby! We are all very excited and most of us are hoping for a girl. My dad and stepmom are over the moon excited. Their older two grandchildren are teens in high school. My son is almost 5 years old. They miss having babies around! There was a lingering question around the house that nobody really wanted to ask: Who is the baby daddy?

There are some of us who wondered if my sister would ever settle down and start a family. She's the baby of us girls, but we have a younger step-brother as well. A few years ago, my little sister announced that she was dating a girl and introduced her to the family. Up until this time, she had always dated boys and we were convinced that she would marry one of them. This first girl (that we knew of) wasn't a great fit for my sister and luckily that relationship ended. <that sounds harsh, it was a good thing< Then, along came Kandace! 

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For the past two months, my boy has completely ignored the fact that his B and K are having a baby and that B has a baby in her tummy. He will not talk about it. When anyone talks to him about it, he will walk away or change the subject. It's actually become quite a joke. This weekend; however, he finally acknowledged the baby. My sister bought the coolest new gadget that is just like the doppler used in a doctor's office to hear the baby's heartbeat. We all sat around at Dad's house on Sunday listening to the little fast heartbeat. It was so cool!

Now that everyone has officially heard the big announcement, questions are around the surface. There are people (okay, yes, me too!) who want to know: Who is the baby daddy? Well, they have a friend who donated and that's just not important, but I think there may be some more questions when it gets time to deliver the baby.  So, I've gathered up a few ways to help my sister and K to answer that question.

Five ways to answer the question: Who is the baby daddy?

I can imagine that many people don't have to answer this question often, but you have to admit this is a different situation. Since I'm fully aware they are not the first lesbian couple to have a child (and certainly won't be the last) maybe this will be useful for someone other than them. If not, oh well…it's fun!

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Daddy Scrubs cap

(1) Head off the questions with the answer

If you're anticipating this question could be a possibility, head off the questions with the answer. When you make the big announcement, make it together and use "we are having a baby".

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(2) Put the names on the announcement

Another easy way to announce the daddy is to include the name on the announcements…or all over… Make stickers and magnets or postcards and photos of mommy and daddy to be.

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(3) Buy a Daddy shirt

We all think to pick up a big sis or big brother shirt when making the announcement, but who thinks to buy a Daddy shirt? It's the best way to make daddy feel like a part of the excitement and to let everyone know at the same time.

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(4) For the hospital, get him the "I'm The Daddy" scrubs from Daddy Scrubs

My husband has a pair of Daddy Scrubs and he can't wait to wear them for baby #2, so I knew K would love them, too! There are so many people in the room when mommy is giving birth, but sometimes it can be difficult to tell who is the baby daddy so what better way to say it than to paste it right on the clothes daddy will be wearing.

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(5) Be Aloof. Be Secretive. Be Discreet…and tell people to figure it out on their own…

Anyone who is asking this question to someone who doesn't offer it up on their own might not really deserve to know the answer. Let the daddy be a daddy and people will figure it out!

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If you have a special daddy to be in your life, there is a way to make daddy feel special and let others know with the Daddy Swag Gift Set from Daddy Scrubs. 

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Treat the new dad in your life like the celebrity he is with a DaddySwag Gift Box. Each item is personally selected by Daddy Nickell himself – including a set of our signature DaddyScrubs. Product Features • DaddyScrubs • I’m the Daddy Tee • I’m the Daddy Hat • I'm the Daddy coffee mug • 3 pens • Sunglasses • Stickers

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And…what is a sonogram picture doing at the end of this list? Well, I just wanted to show it off. 😉

How would you answer the question: Who is the baby daddy? What is the most unique way to announce a pregnancy that you have seen/heard?


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  1. Tazim says:

    I think you covered a lot of good suggestions! I can’t think of others, really

  2. This is the funniest thing. I’ve never seen or heard of this before. It’s funny how your sister agreed to dress up in daddy gear for you. Congrats to your sister!

    • janet says:

      Thanks, Tiffany…but that IS the “Daddy” of my sister’s baby…her girlfriend! 😉

  3. I am cracking up over here! Michael would love these items when it comes time for baby #2.

    • janet says:

      I think Howard was a little jealous that he didn’t get to keep these, but I can’t wait to see if Kandice wears/uses some of this at the hospital!

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