New Year’s Resolutions are for the birds: I’m making goals and wishes

 Girl Going Crazy Happy New Year: New Year's Resolutions, Goals, Wishes for 2013

New Year's Resolutions don't work for me. I like to set goals for myself and see what I can accomplish. I am also somewhat of a dreamer and I tend to set lofty goals for myself. Who knows what I actually hope to achieve, but when I do something good, I am the best at patting myself on the back…that is, if I approve of myself. In any case, apparently I am like every other blogger out there and I want to post about my resolutions goals and wishes, and I want to have that out in the interwebs for all to point and laugh encourage me as much as you can.

My One and Only New Year's Resolution

I do have one "resolution" that I am sticking with this year and it's on a personal note. Hubby and I started a weight loss program in November that is similar to the one we used in 2010. The center that we visit weekly is called Resolutions Weight Loss, Inc. and we get a B12 shot and weigh-in. So far, I have lost 21 pounds before the holidays and gained 6, while Hubby lost 40 pounds and gained 9. But, we are back on track (I'm hungry!) but even after only three days, we already feel better! You will read a lot about how we are eating now and our weight loss. You may see recipes and more, who knows! Greta at How Was Your Day keeps threatening to tie me down to a weekly meme about healthy eating and/or weight loss (been there, done that, but she promises to encourage me!) so maybe you'll see that!

Personal Goals

Last year when I posted about my 2012 Goals, I talked about weight loss, having a baby girl, and linking up to memes that were more personal. Things haven't changed much in this area, so I'll just keep those…except I may be creating memes that are more personal rather than just linking up. Regardless, that is more bloggy related.

Hubby and I are still trying for the baby girl (or any baby, really) and I'm paying more attention to my cycles. Since we are getting healthier, hopefully that will help and we have talked about looking into other fertility options. We can't really afford to do too much, but we have opened the conversation.

Speaking of money, I have a few goals in this area related to budgeting and getting our family in a more "comfortable" situation. I am earning a little from the blog now and I hope to get a few more "jobs" in this area. I'm striving to improve my blog and my writing skills through the help of my Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community connections (and really hoping for some part-time work with them at some point this year). In any case, my husband wants to travel to Michigan to see his old friends and show us his hometown, and I want to help make that happen!

Finally, I talked briefly about my "resolution" to participate in #26Acts of Kindness recently, and that is a HUGE personal goal of mine. The Boy and I bought a $5 Walmart gift card the last time we were there and I let him pick a stranger in line to give it to. He loved it and turned around and hugged me after he gave it away. I think we'll be doing more of that very soon!

Blogging Goals

I started to write a little about my blogging goals in my 2012 Blog Traffic post, but I'll expand a little more here.

I am backing away (mostly, but not all) from giveaways. I am planning to host, about once a month or every other month, a giveaway hop with Lisa from Planet Weidknecht, and I will likely participate in only one other hop per month, most likely with Nicole from MamaNYC, but that is probably going to be all you see from me as far as giveaways.

I am hoping to host and cohost more Twitter Parties, because my Twitter followers are totally rockin'! I would love to chat with you all outside of parties, so feel free to follow and tweet me anytime!

I want to be more chatty on my Facebook page, not just go there when I have a new blog post. That's so boring! I have tons of parenting a boy questions so come help me out over there.

You will see lots more Crazy Crafts for Kids and Family Game Night, Family Movie Night or Family Fun posts because, well…they are fun and I see you all searching for that on Google. We are a crazy fun family so I'm going to be posting it all!

What do you want to see on the blog?

I want to provide content that you all will enjoy. I know you love giveaways and apparently you really love movie coloring and activity pages, but what else do you want/need to know? Give me some feedback!!


  1. rachel says:

    I’m working on a weight loss program too. Hopefully I can mold it into a life plan 🙂 I love seeing ideas for kids activities (or kid activity pages).

    • janet says:

      Good Luck on your weight loss! I’m sure to bring many more kids activities this year. 😉

  2. WOW – you have very ambitious goals. Good luck on the baby – this might be your lucky month! Maybe?

  3. I cannot tell you how loudly and often I sing the praises of B12 shots. If you are deficient it throws your entire system off. I lost 15 lbs with no dietary changes (in fact, I was traveling for 8 weeks for work, living out of a hotel with no gym and eating restaurant takeout) after starting shots. I’m glad to hear the center you’re working with is including it as part of their program!

    • janet says:

      I love that extra boost once a week with the B12!

  4. deb pelletier says:

    My goals are diet and exercise. Good luck toyou.

  5. PS – I’m still hoping on that baby girl for you too!!! 🙂

    • janet says:

      and yeah…totally still praying for baby girl!

  6. Great post Janet!!! Love your goals.

    Me – I want to become better at writing and get invited to ambassador more products/services. I’d love to go to a few blogger events – if money becomes more easily accessible / or I get invited from companies – either way would be great. I also want to organize my time better so that I can meet more bloggers and reach out to more readers. Sometimes I just don’t feel like my blog is anything out of the ordinary and worth visiting. I hope that’s not true, but I sure do feel it sometimes.

    Overall – I just want to succeed at this whole blogging thing. I want to brand myself and start making a little bit of income from it. 🙂

    PS- I want to write more personal posts too…

    Happy New Year Doll!!!!

    Blogfully yours,

    • janet says:

      Barb, I love visiting your blog and although I found you through a giveaway, I stayed because of your personal posts. I love reading about your family! I know you have loyal followers so you just need to reach out more and you will gain more. I’m not good at the ambassador/review thing anymore because I procrastinate too much. I’m setting some lofty weekly goals for myself and the blog so hopefully my procrastination bug doesn’t take over. 😉

  7. Cindy Buccieri says:

    It’s so important to set goals with realistic deadlines. Once you have set your goals, you can use them to help you set your intentions for the year. What do you want, what do you want to achieve. In fact, I was at a lunch meeting in December and the host asked us to write a letter to ourselves talking about all of the things that happened in 2013. They collected these letters from us and my letter will be mailed to me in December 2013. I think subconsciously this is a good way to help you work toward fulling your goals, dreams and desires.

  8. Jayme H. says:

    My doc specifically recommended the Clearblue Easy brand, so that’s what we used. I hope this link works, this is the kit.

    I honestly didn’t believe there was much to such kits. If I didn’t have a doc that I trusted so much and believed in, we wouldn’t have ever tried this.

    If you do decide to try it, I recommend a log. I had a pocket calendar that I marked everything down in, using marks that were non descript.

    • janet says:

      Thank you so, so much! It’s nice to hear from someone who didn’t believe, tried it, and it worked. 😉

  9. howard krugel says:

    I would love to help you with healthy recipes although not really that good a cook.

    • janet says:

      My husband, the crazy dork! I would LOVE to FEATURE your recipes, but you never give them to me!! 😛

      • This is funny! Michael never comments on my posts! LOL

        • janet says:

          You know, Howard never reads my blog, but he was acting all strange yesterday and then this comment. I don’t konw what is up with that!

  10. Jayme H. says:

    I hope I’m not getting too personal, but have you used ovulation kits? We tried for years and had no success having a child. Then we used name brand digital tracking kits and we now have a litle one.

    I honestly did not expect it to work, but a really good doctor of mine told me to try it for a year before I could worry more. We used the kit way less than a year.

    I wish you luck and success for your goals!

    • janet says:

      We have used an ovulation tracker app, but not the actual kits. Do you have one to recommend?

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