Let’s Fight Fat in 2013 {with support & encouragement}

You all know that I struggle with my weight and I make promise after promise to myself (and to you all) that I am going to get on track and post regularly about it. I resisted fad diets for most of my life and I've always tried to convince myself that I was okay with my body, just so I wouldn't have to do the yo-yo effect and so I wouldn't be a failure. I have tried two weight loss programs in my life and both were wildly successful…until I stopped…until a holiday hit…

fight holiday fat

I need to make positive changes in my life to see positive results

I know that weight loss and being healthy is about an overall lifestyle change, but there are so many excuses to be given and so many {perceived} obstacles that exist. My husband isn't in it with me. I'm too tired. I'll start on Monday. I'll start after the holidays. I'll just take this one bite…

fat doesn't know New Year's Day

It's all about support and accountability

When you have a community of support and a feeling of accountability {others to commiserate with} then embarking on a new lifestyle is less daunting. I'm not going to say it is easy or even easier…just less hard…

Alli has created a website of support, encouragement, tools and resources, as well as accountability that can help us make the lifestyle changes that we need to make. Whether you are using the Alli product or not, this website is encouraging and helpful.

Let's Fight Fat in 2013

make positive changes in your life


LetsFightFat.com is for anyone interested in overcoming the holidays and being weight loss ready for 2013. It combines three core elements for the weight conscious specifically this season: diet, physical activity and motivation. It helps track individual goals and prepare for long-term success with features including:

  • Healthy (reduced calorie, low-fat) daily meal suggestions and recipes
  • Follow-along fitness videos
  • Food and activity tracking
  • Expert tips and tricks

Tips to Fight Holiday Fat from Samantha Harris

personalized weight loss program

Creating a profile on LetsFightFat.com is quick and easy {and FREE!} and you receive personalized planning for your own life. I am not good about exercise and I'm very dormant so there is no way that I could jump into a fast paced exercise routine. I can tell the website this and my routine would be less strenuous to begin with as compared to someone who is normally active, but trying to lose a few extra pounds.

Holiday Parfait recipe

I love seeing tips and tricks to fighting fat, exercising more, making healthy meals seem more exciting. I especially love "treats" and recipes that seem "cheat-worthy" but are a healthy suggestion.

lifestyle change with alli

As I mentioned above, this website can be helpful with or without alli, but you can also find out all the details about alli and it's benefits through reading the facts as well as others' experiences. There is just nothing better than learning from a real person, with the same struggles, what they are experiencing. I mean, it is why you are reading a blog rather than a magazine advertisement, right?

What is your fight fat goal for this year? How can this website help?



I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for alli. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating. I have NOT tried alli and cannot vouch for the product. I have only reviewed the website discussed above.

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