Grocery Shopping Made Easy & Fun with Unilever BINGO {free printables}

How to Make Grocery Shopping Easy & Fun #BetterTogether #cbias


When I think about Sustainable Living, I think recycle, reduce, reuse. I do those things and maybe I could do them better, but it’s just one of those things that feels like society says you “should” do or you feel like you “have” to do. There is so much more to Sustainable Living; however, and I have been learning a lot from Unilever’s Making Life Better site.

Unilever Making Life Better #BetterTogether

I want to share some of what I am learning. If you’ll remember, I mentioned last week that I was going to help you make grocery shopping fun and easy so that you can start to Buy Two and Give One and help out food banks in your area.  We’re going to talk more about healthy living as part of the Sustainable Living Plan and then I will share with you my much anticipated free printable grocery list and Unilever BINGO printable game board.  

 Unilever Knorr Chicken Bouillon #BetterTogether

I think I’ve mentioned a few times that Hubby and I are on a weight loss program right now and we are only eating protein and small amounts of carbs. One of the beauties of being married to a former chef is that “boring” eating plans like this can be exciting because he is creative. We should probably buy stock in Knorr chicken boullion because we are constantly buying it! When I am eating healthy (and feeling healthy) I tend to crave chicken so we are eating a lot of varieties of chicken right now.

Unilever products #BetterTogether

More Hunger IQ Facts:

  • According to the USDA nearly 17 million children are living in food-insecure households. 
  • 17 percent of the adults interviewed during the Feeding America Hunger Study have attended college or a technical school. Education does not solve the problem.
  • More than two million rural households experience food insecurity. That means they don’t have dependable access to enough food to sustain a healthy life.
  • Find out more…

Volunteering at a food bank can be one of the best ways to make a difference and bring communities together.  

Unilever Sustainable Living Plan #BetterTogether

Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan:

1. Improving Health and Well Being (Health, Hygiene and Improved Nutrition)

2. Reducing Environmental Impact (Greenhouse Gases, Water, Waste & Sustainable Sourcing)

3. Enhancing Livelihoods (Sustainable Sourcing and Better Livelihoods)

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Unilever is committed to donating more than two million meals to families in need with Feeding America and every item on your shopping list counts. Show your support by adding Unilever brands to your cart next time you shop. Together we can help to Cross Off Hunger.


Feeding America #BetterTogether

My family was in need of a big grocery shop to restock our shelves with the foods that we can eat and almost all of the toiletries and personal care items from around the house. We shopped at Brookshire’s and brought along our Unilever BINGO game for The Boy so he could help us remember to Buy Two, Give One!

Unilever TRESemme #BetterTogether

There are a few products that we consider ourselves to be brand-loyal when we shop. I was happy to learn that several of them were Unilever products so we are restocking our home while also helping to support Unilever in their mission.

Unilever Suave and AXE #BetterTogether

We each grabbed our favorite shampoos and bodywash and our boy kept coloring on his Unilever BINGO board. I have to say that this was one of the best grocery shopping trips we have had in a long time. Usually, someone is grumpy, someone is tired, and someone is running all over the store like a crazy child! (sometimes that crazy child is our boy…sometimes not)

Unilever BINGO filling up #BetterTogether

I was really excited that our boy was looking at the symbols AND the letters on the Unilever BINGO board before coloring the squares. We are raising a great boy and by getting healthy and teaching him about being healthy, we are teaching him toward Sustainable Living as well.

Unilever BINGO #BetterTogether

We ended up with two shopping carts and lots of great products for our home and for our donation. The Boy had a great time, even though he didn’t get to fill up his board. He was the “winner” and got a prize for it anyway! You can see more of our shopping trip in my Unilever #BetterTogether Google+ Album.

Unilever donation #BetterTogether

Rather than go directly to the food bank, we decided to help two organizations. The Boy’s daycare has a food drive donation box for a local boy scout troop. We took our bags with us to daycare the following day and The Boy was excited to hand over three bags of Unilever products that would go in the food drive box and then over to the food bank! He and Mr. Wade are “buds” and have to give five every single morning so it was extra special that he could give them directly to Mr. Wade.

Cross Off Hunger Badge #BetterTogether

Grocery Shopping Easy & Fun with Unilever BINGO #BetterTogether

Are you ready to have a grocery shopping experience like ours?!! I’ve created a few printables just for you!!

Unilever #BetterTogether Grocery Shopping List

Use this to create your shopping list and the images will help remind you of a few of the Unilever products that you may use every day. When you come across a product that you think others need as well, Buy Two and Give One!

Unilever BINGO game board

This is the game board that my boy used while we shopped. It has the images already in place, but if you have multiple children, you may want to change it up. Also, if there are products that you know you will not buy, you don’t want your child to be discouraged and not able to mark a square.

Unilever BINGO game pieces

Use these game pieces to glue or tape onto the board and change it up! Print them on cardstock, laminate them, and use velcro on the board so the pieces will last longer and you have a new board every time you shop!

How can you make a move toward a Sustainable Living Plan?

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Unilever  #BetterTogether #CBias #SocialFabric. All stories and opinions are my own.


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    my neighbor is an avid bingo addict. 2=3 times a week. Maybe if I made grocery bingo I could get her to go grocery shopping for me! Vicki

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    what i do is give the stuff to the poeple here i keep all the sample i get and tehn when somone bd come up i give them basket of goodie and then when i go and buy the 2 for one i keep them andthenput them way and then give them for gifts

  3. angela says:

    Wow what a great idea …. I love it.

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