Top Ten Places to Visit if You Could Travel in Time

I am happy to be hosting author, Samuel Ben White, today as he tells us about his Top 10 places to visit if he could travel in time. He is the author of The Legend of Garison Fitch and is visiting blogs to guest post and spread his writing. Enjoy!

10 Places to Visit if you could Travel through Time

Top Ten Places to Visit if You Could Travel in Time

1. December 25, 1776, Delaware River (if for no other reason than to see if George was really standing in the boat like that)

2. September 26, 1981, Houston (to see Nolan Ryan throw his 5th no-hitter)

3. October 12, 1492, somewhere off the coast of Waiting Island (as Columbus "discovers" the New World)

4. 1885, Leadville, Colorado (to see the silver boom in a city where–at the time–8 of the 10 richest men in America were living … and it's one of my favorite places, anyway)

5. 2500 BC (approx.) on the day Moses holds up his staff and the children of Israel cross the Red Sea on dry land

6. 30 AD (approx.), Galilee (watch Jesus walk on water–and Peter, too … for a few steps)

7. May 13, 1988, San Marcos, Texas (to watch myself propose to my wife and see if I was as calm and cool as I imagine myself to have been)

8. 1919, Versailles, France (to see my grandfather, Henry King, receive the Croix de Guerre)

9. November 19, 1864, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (to hear Lincoln speak in person)

10. AD 30 (approx.), somewhere on a hillside in Israel (to be one of the 5000 people Jesus fed with just 5 little loaves & 2 little fish)

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  1. Samuel Ben White says:

    Thanks for participating in the blog tour and giving me a chance to do this tens list!

    • JanetGoingCrazy says:

      It was definitely my pleasure. Thank you!

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