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Personalized Gifts for Kids from I See Me!

Now that my boy is in “the big kids class”, aka Pre-K, he has been learning a new letter each week. At night, we talk about what words start with the letter of the week. Of course, he was pretty stoked when the class went over the letter B because it was all about Benjamin that week. Along with learning new letter, he is also learning to spell his name. He already recognizes it because of the length and he knows it starts with B and ends with n. The more we can reinforce spelling his name, the better off he will be (especially since we were mean and gave him a long name, teehee!). 

personalized placemat from I See Me

We received this personalized placemat from I See Me and the first thing my boy noticed was his name. He loves fish and thought the letters in the squares were a finding game. He uses this during lunch on the weekends and it reinforces his spelling through fun!

Benjamin's very own name coloring book from I See Me

From the time my boy was 18 months old, I began coloring with him because it has always been my favorite thing to do. He and I share this fun activity now so it was just natural that he would love a coloring book with his own name. 

personalized coloring book from I See Me

We started coloring right away in this personalized coloring book from I See Me. The pages are thick and slightly slick for crayons. We used some markers we had for coloring cardboard and that was a too much so the ink soaked through the pages. I think the pages would be perfect for Crayola markers or something light like them.

personalized coloring book from I See Me

Each page is a new letter in Benjamin’s name and by the end, his name is completely spelled out. We are working our way through the pages and having a great time learning to spell his name. 

There are so many fun personalized gifts from I See Me from personalized gifts for the holidays to birthdays to storybooks just for your child! Find out more by following I See Me on Facebook, @ISeeMe_Maia on Twitter, and I See Me on Pinterest!


Which personalized gifts would be perfect for your child?!!


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  1. This is about the right age now for my grandson to have something like this. He can start learning how to spell his name before he starts kindergarten .Hes very observant so he can recognize the letters in his name. This is a cute book for any child who loves to color like my grandson does.
    thanks for the info on this book

  2. Karen Medlin says:

    I know they would love the Personalized Bandana Gift Set, and the girls the Fairy Tale Personalized Placemat! These are cool, any of our little ones would love to see their on anything ,

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