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Mom-made Products to Create Holiday Traditions

Family Holiday Traditions

My family has a lot of holiday traditions, as I’m sure many families do. We all gather during Thanksgiving for a huge meal cooked by my dad. We each have our particular “jobs” to do (mine is to make Monkey Bread and Fruit Salad) and then we watch football together. My sisters and I start planning our Black Friday Sisterpalooza (that was almost ruined this year by Black Thursday) and then we all sit down to play board games together.

For Christmas, things are less organized and we don’t all get together on Christmas. Some of us go to Dad’s on Christmas Eve, but then we are with our immediate families on Christmas Day. Hubby and I are building new holiday traditions with our boy, such as decorating the Christmas tree during the weekend after Thanksgiving, experiencing Elf Magic between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and waking early to see what Santa brings on Christmas morning. We even went on the Polar Express!!

Creating New Holiday Traditions

One tradition that I have hesitated in starting, but I’m starting this year, is to give teacher gifts to Benjamin’s daycare teachers to show them how much we appreciate their hard work all year long. We have been extremely blessed in the past year with some wonderful teachers for our boy and it is definitely time to kickstart this tradition!!

I have found a few Mom-made products that I tested during a Spa Party for my girlfriends that I will be packaging up for them and my boy is excited to share these gifts at his Christmas party next week!

Everyday Elegance Chair Covers ViveVita

Everyday Elegance Seat Covers from ViveVita

If your holiday traditions include hosting guests, you always want your home to look nice. If you have small children, your seats may not always be spotless, so Everyday Elegance Seat Covers from ViveVita are a perfect solution. Maybe you have a beautiful, spotless home and your seats look amazing, but you just want to be festive and add a new splash of color!

These seat covers were a breeze to slip onto my sister’s chairs during our Spa Party and it added a holiday feel. The seat covers are washable and elegant and your guest will feel at home without exactly knowing what you did different.

One of Benjamin’s teachers has a huge family and she will love to get a few of these for her holiday hosting events. Now, I just have to decide on a color!

Learn more inventor, Robyn Pellei, mother of 9, and visit ViveVita on Facebook to check out more fun mom-made products!! These seat covers are available for purchase through Flourish.

Miffy's Muffins Healthy Muffin Mix

Miffy’s Muffins: Healthy Muffin Mix

As I mentioned, one of our holiday traditions includes me making Monkey Bread, but this year Hubby and I are trying to survive the holidays without gaining weight (maybe even losing some). We tried out Miffy’s Muffins on the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving when it was time to decorate the Christmas tree and loved them! Of course, Benjamin at most of them and keeps asking me to make more. With these healthy muffins, I don’t mind him having a sweet breakfast every morning!

Next week is Benjamin’s Christmas party at school and although I can’t bring the muffins to the party (treats have to be pre-packaged, not home-made), I am planning to bring a healthy treat for the teachers that morning. They are going to need something nutritious to get their day going with these wild holiday excited children!

Learn more about these healthy muffins, mom-made with organic whole grains, by visiting Miffy’s Marvelous Muffin Mix on Facebook!!

DEO perfume candy

Deo Perfume Candy

Nothing says holidays quite like candy and sweets and this unique candy is going to make you take a double take. Perfume candy is something new to me and I’m not quite sure what my final take is on it yet, but I tried this out on my friends during the Spa Party and they seemed quite intriqued as well.

This candy makes you smell like roses after you eat it!

The girls at the party all looked at me a little sideways when I told them about the candy, but most of them tried it and seemed to enjoy it. I am allergic to almost every perfume scent so I was afraid to try it and then be allergic to my own scent later. They all said it tasted just like candy and nobody started smelling like roses at the party, but I have heard that it works as you eat more.

Benjamin has a couple of younger teachers in his daycare who would get a kick out of this so I’m going to package this up with some body wash and lotion for their teacher’s gift. Hopefully, they won’t think I’m trying to say they stink…and maybe they will give the treat to my boy on his stinky days! 😉

Check out more information on Deo perfume candy at perfume candy on Facebook!!

What mom-made items have you come across lately? Are they a part of your Holiday Traditions?!!


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