My boy’s letter from Santa says he has been good!

Letter from Santa @SendAFlyingCard

Have your children received a letter from Santa yet?!!

Benjamin and I wrote to Santa when we went to Santa's Wonderland and Santa has been checking in with us through email, but there's just nothing quite like getting a letter in the mail!

Letter from Santa

Santa wrote to my boy last week and we were so excited to read what he had to say. Benjamin was THRILLED to hear that Santa thought he has been a good boy. Santa also gave him the heads up that he might not have time to write to Benjamin's friend, Annee, so we had to pass along the message for her to keep being good as well! The day after it came in the mail, we took it into daycare to show it to Ms. Jane and Annee. They were excited as well.

Merry Christmas from Santa Claus

Parents, if you need to get Santa's address so he can write to your children, too, head on over to this SUPER-SECRET Santa letter website (make sure the kids are in bed) and then wait for your letter to see if your kids are on the naughty or nice list!!

If you want to take a peek at other kids getting letters, check out Facebook and Twitter, but those are SUPER-SECRET also!!

Is your child getting a letter from Santa this year?!!


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