Quick and Easy Family Movie Night {Ice Age: Continental Drift}

Hubby and I were truly blessed when we had our boy almost five years ago. He may not have been planned, but he is the absolute best surprise either of us could have ever dreamed. He was the easiest baby, transitioning through all the tough milestones and the challenges he faced. He has always been the “smiley boy” since he learned to smile at two months old. He loves his daycare, and even more so, he loves spending time with Mommy and Daddy. His Pre-K teacher raves about him almost every day and uses him as an example for the other kids on how to behave and be a helper.

So, when my boy is having a rough time at home or daycare, there is definitely something wrong in his world. When Hubby and I get reports of misbehavior or when we notice he is whining or overly sensitive at home, we know it is time to talk. This past week, almost two weeks, have been “off” for our boy. He has been acting up, crying a lot at home, and even had a time-out at daycare! I know that is “normal” for a 4-year-old, but it is extremely rare for my boy. In fact, the teacher who sent him to time-out said she felt weird even saying the words to him.

After getting through the consequences of his bad behavior and holding him a couple of nights as he cried himself to sleep, we finally took the time to slow down, get our little family together, and plan a Family Movie Night! Some nights I want to give Hubby a break and plan a meal for our family or we need some new ideas. I visited the Nestle meal planner on the Walmart website where I could choose my occasion and choose my meal, then make a list and head to Walmart to shop

Nestle coupon for Family Movie Night #Time4Family

We checked out the frozen meals for dinner to pick out a lasagna and some garlic bread and found a super fun coupon on the Texas Toast. Nothing says movie night quite like a big bag of candy! We were also excited about finally picking up Ice Age: Continental Drift so my boy was stoked that the coupon had Scrat on it!

Ice Age: Continental Drift on Blu-Ray/DVD December 11, 2012 #Time4Family

The Boy and I saw Ice Age 4 in the theater just before it was released (so long ago!) and we loved it! We were excited to watch it with Daddy this time and “introduce” him to Captain Gutt. I had some Ice Age activities for us to play together and we were going to make this the best movie night ever!

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quick and easy Family Movie Night @IceAge @Stouffers #Time4Family

Quick and easy shopping trip and we were headed home to get the party started. We were able to pick up a Stouffer’s Large Family Size Lasagna, Marzetti New York Brand Texas Toast, and FREE Nestle Wonka Candy, plus the Ice Age movie for around $40.

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Coloring the cardboard house from last Christmas #Time4Family

We quickly popped the lasagna in the oven and it was time for the family to spend some time together. We played a little Redwings vs. Blackhawks hockey and then our boy randomly asked to pull this cardboard house back out of the closet. This house was a gift from Aunt B last Christmas and every now and then we pull it out and color some more. Maybe by this Christmas we will get it all colored and set up. 

Stouffers Large Family Size lasagna #Time4Family

When the buzzer went off from the oven, we made our plates and settled in for the movie. We were stuffed and laughing so hard and it was nice to see all three of us content again. We are heading into basketball season (first practice was on Monday) and I know that means things are going to be hectic. I have been busy every evening with the blog or tired from a bad day at work. Hubby is potentially up for a promotion at work and heading into a busy holiday weekend in the meat market. I know our boy was sensing the tension and this time together was the perfect solution. 

How do you plan a quick and easy family movie night?!!


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  1. Ashley Morrissey says:

    Lasgna, candy and a great movie! Jealous!

  2. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    Sounds like a great night! That cardboard house is super cool and the lasagna is making me drool!

  3. He’s adorable, and you’re so lucky that he’s a smiley, happy boy. Our kids were pretty easy when they were young too, except our daughter went through a stage where she would get mad at whoever woke her in the morning. She has always loved her sleep (still does at age 26!). My husband and I would argue over whose turn it was to wake her because neither of us wanted to go into her room in the mornings. 🙂 Thank goodness she’s outgrown that now. She has a little boy, almost 1 year old, and he’s a smiley, happy boy too. Family nights, right now are just the hubby and I. We like to go to Starbucks and hang out, we usually take the iPad and play games while we’re there.

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Our children feel the stress their parents are undergoing even if we don’t realize it. It is important to plan activities together- such a family movie night. Wedecide upon the movie together and make popcorn and enjoy it!

  5. Beth Hargett says:

    We plan a movie night with something we all wanted to see and couldn’t and after dinner and homework, we settle down to watch a movie (we usually rent from FIOS 🙂 and we pop popcorn and I will make cookies or brownies. We all snuggle under blankets in the living room and enjoy the movie as a family. 🙂

    • janet says:

      I have not heard about FIOS. We have used VUDU a few times and like it. My husband keeps asking about Netflix On Demand, too.

  6. ANN*H says:

    Yes sometimes the kids feel the stress in our lives too. Then they act up because they need some quality time with us to feel secure and that its nothing to do with them. Their favorite movie and a pizza will usually do the trick. It great that you have such a great little boy- you are blessed I must say.

  7. Mona says:

    Our daughter was a very easy baby and, like your son, sailed thru most milestones EXCEPT potty training. That was a tough one.

    We have occasional movie nights — nothing regularly scheduled and it’s been awhile. It’s usually combined with pizza(mostly frozen and sometimes delivery).

    I’ve seen only a couple of the Ice Age movies and enjoyed them. The last movie my daughter enjoyed was How to Train Your Dragon and I know this because she stayed put thru the entire film.

  8. Becky Kuntz says:

    In our house we have a 4 year old and an 11 year old so we need to plan a little more accordingly. We decided to watch Paranorman and both boys loved it! We popped popcorn got our juiceboxes and settled in! Next time maybe we will make a night out of it like you guys did! Thanks for the tips!

  9. Amy says:

    But where is the penguin????

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