Let’s Talk WWE Divas

WWE Divas #wwemoms

Let's Talk WWE Divas

As a mom of a (young) boy, I don't have much experience with the Divas yet. When they come on to talk or wrestle, usually my boy will jump on his daddy and they don't pay much attention. Of course, Hubby and I talk about the stories with the Divas from time to time because I want to know what's going on, but for the most part, we aren't "there" yet.

WWE Divas {Maxim Top 100} #wwemoms

Now, having said that, I do have a few thoughts on the Divas. The Divas have an opportunity to speak to a wide array of fans with their attention and they are headed in the right direction. On the surface, I am tempted to say that the skimpy clothing and affiliations with Playboy and Maxim are cheapening their image, and maybe some agree with this, but I also know they "sex sells". 

WWE Divas Facebook photo #wwemoms

Here's the catch to the "sex sells" image. Once you have their attention, teach them where you are strong! The Divas have a potential for a reach that outstretches WWE, any WWE event, and even the WWE Superstars. If they can catch the attention of the men, do good that impresses the women, and do social good for children….well, then, who else is there?! Where would you like to see the Divas do good?

WWE Divas Facebook photo 1 #wwemoms

I can't really say that I have a favorite WWE Diva, but I'm paying close attention to the AJ and Vickie roles right now. While they have the attention of the WWE world, they could jump right in and show what type of social good impact they can have. I would love to see them support campaigns for education, feeding children, child abuse awareness…and so on. As big of an impact John Cena can have just wearing pink for a month, the Divas have so much opportunity to reach all types of audiences.

WWE Divas {Classy Look} #wwemoms

Yes, "sex sells" but isn't this classy and business look just as sexy as they bikinis above? This look makes me think of a strong, intelligent woman who is going to get her way in the world. She is going to "hold her own" in the man's world.

I want to know your thoughts!!

Leave a comment below tell me some of your thoughts about the WWE Divas and you could win a WWE shirt (one winner will be chose from the cumulative comments from all of the Divas posts written by the #WWEmoms).

We want to know:

  • Who is your favorite Diva and why? What has she done that makes her your favorite?
  • If you were the WWE, what role would you have for the Diva Program, what would it look like?
  • Would the Divas be on TV (making appearances), doing charity work?
  • How would they dress, would they be in magazines (sports or family magazines)?
  • If you don't like the Divas or don't think they are appropriate what would you do to change their image?
  • or just tell me your thoughts in general!


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  1. sharon powell says:

    I honestly think that wrestling be it male or female is really stupid, sorry. I just don’t get it. I understand that these ladies are hot, but why wrestling?

  2. I am not a wrestling fan, but I can see how the Divas could use their work to promote a strong intelligent woman image

  3. Lena Blair says:

    Not into wrestling but hubby is, I think he would love this post!

  4. Darcy says:

    I’m not a fan of WWE so I really don’t know anything about the Divas. I think they go overboard on using sex to sell from what I’ve seen though.

  5. I tend to agree with you that the Divas have an avenue that could reach a lot of people. I remember that when I watched WWE back in 1999, the divas were just starting to get big, a la Chyna.

  6. I don’t watch WWE but it would be great if they could use their influence for things like helping kids in poverty and education.

  7. Greta says:

    I have to admit – I stopped watching wrestling a few years back when it all became too close to softcore. I totally agree that they should do something for good and the Maxim/Playboy/Et al becomes a bit much.

  8. Angela says:

    I have to admit that I am not at all familiar with wrestling, but it’s great to see such beautiful women show their strength.

  9. mel says:

    Haha- I love it and love the WWE!

  10. wow those are some macho moms!

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