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Our First Baby Girl #SharetheLove

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Our First Baby Girl

Pepper - Our First Baby Girl #SharetheLoveI have talked about Pepper several times in the past, but I can never say enough about this wonderful baby girl who was in my life for such a short time. Hubby and I adopted Pepper just after we found out we were pregnant with our son. Hubby said that having a dog as part of the family made him feel like we had a "whole" family. We drove over an hour to pick her up and paid money that we really didn't have so we could adopt her. She picked us. Of the three puppies in the basket that day, Pepper chose us. As we drove home that day, we searched for a name for her and it wasn't until the last block before arriving at Hubby's family's house that we both saw a sign that said Pepper Street and we knew that was her name. 

For many of us, our four-legged friends hold a unique place in the family dynamic. As they play the role of a family member, what does your dog do to make you smile?


Pepper's Love

mommys girl {pug puppy} #SharetheLoveAfter Hubby and I were married, we moved to Palestine and I wasn't working for a little while. Hubby was working in Tyler and would work long hours. I was home, bored, broke, pregnant, and was edging on depressed. Pepper was my cuddle buddy. She loved to cuddle up on my chest and sleep for hours. If I was busy doing something else, she was cuddled behind me on the couch or waiting just next to me to see what we were going to do next. She rarely left my side.

Pepper was super wild, on the other hand. She was just a puppy and loved to play. She would chase the broom or mop while I was trying to clean. She would chew on my hair or jump on my back. She would try to bite my pants or get between my feet. She loved to chew…on me… There were so many times that Hubby would text or call me throughout the day and I would be in tears because Pepper would just not leave me alone! I actually became fearful of being a parent because this puppy was driving me bonkers! Then, in the next minute I would take a breath, she would look at me, and we would cuddle on the couch again.


Pepper and The Boy

becoming friends {A pug and her boy} #SharetheLoveWhen The Boy came along, Pepper was intrigued. She loved him from the minute he came into the home. She was gentle, but curious about him and would often lay next to him when he was on the floor or bed. Anytime Pepper was nearby, The Boy had his eyes on her. He has always been a dog lover…and is to this day! Pepper would "help" me when I was giving him tummy time and she would watch carefully as I changed a diaper or gave a bath. However, if I got my camera out to make a video of my boy…she was jealous and would jump all over my back and head! One of the videos that we have of our boy trying to roll over is a time when I was home with him alone and Pepper was all over me. You can hear me talking to my boy…and then yelling at Pepper!


Baby Whisperer

sleeping babies {Pepper and The Boy} #SharetheLoveI love this picture of our boy and Pepper because of the story behind it. The Boy had been screaming for hours. Hubby and I were looking at each other, baffled, because this was unlike our boy. We had tried everything from soothing bath to diaper, feed, rock, everything we could think of for our poor little man. I laid him down for a second to rub his tummy and see if he had gas and before I could do it, Pepper cuddled by his face and instantly he calmed down. They laid there for a short time before our boy was out. It was the sweetest sight…


Therapy Dogs

exhausted puppy {sleepy pug} #SharetheLoveI can't exactly say that Pepper would have made a wonderful therapy dog, but she was the therapy that my boy and I needed at times. She played hard, she loved hard, and she slept hard. I loved her with all of my heart and she definitely left us too soon.



Studies show a strong bond between a human and a pet can have incredibly positive effects on one’s mental and physical health. In addition to boosting childrens’ moods, many therapy dogs have encouraged them to create drawings featuring dogs. – Cesar, Therapy Dog Stories


Share a Story and Share the Love Campaign


Cesar Share a Story and Share the Love #SharetheLoveA relationship with a dog can truly improve every life, including people in need. Dogs are capable of lowering stress, anxiety and even blood pressure. Dogs are more than man’s best friend. And they give their love to anyone who needs it. That’s why Cesar proudly supports the work of therapy dogs -­‐ special dogs that go above and beyond to help people in need. You can love them back and support these dogs too. Through the Share a Story and Share the Love campaign it’s easy to get involved. Visit and share the real‐life stories of therapy dogs spreading their love. With your help we can continue to donate to therapy dog organizations across the country.

Share your story with Cesar on Facebook or with @cesarcuisine on Twitter today!! In return, Cesar will share the love with three therapy dog organizations through donations that help continue the services they provide to people in need. Share photos or videos of your dog comforting another or showing you how much they care.

Do you have a special furbaby in your family? I would love to hear more about them!!

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of CESAR® and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. All stories and opinions are my own.


  1. Your Pepper looks like my Bella. Aren’t Pugs the greatest dogs! I love the sounds they make… mine snores like an old man… lol…. here is a link to a photo of my Bella:

    • JanetGoingCrazy says:

      Bella is adorable!! Thank you for sharing!!

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