Creating Family Traditions with Lipton Tea & Honey

When I was growing up, we always had a pitcher of tea on the table at dinner. No matter how crazy our lives were, we always sat at the table for dinner with no TV, the phone off the hook, and we talked about our day. My parents divorced when I was 18 years old and this is the memory that I like to keep about my childhood. As my boy gets older, I want to create family traditions and memories for him like this and I want my family to sit at the table together with a pitcher of tea and talk about our days.

Creating Family Traditions Lipton Tea & Honey #FamilyTeaTime

Creating Family Traditions

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Lipton iced tea #FamilyTeaTime

When I was growing up, my mom would get up early every day and boil a pot of tea and have a cup of hot tea before work. Every now and then I would wake up with her and she would let me fix a cup as well, but this was rare. She would make her hot tea like some make their coffee and it is what I think of most when I think of my mom. After making her cup of hot tea, she would leave it on the stove and in the evening she would make it into a pitcher of iced tea for dinner. I only remember her ever using Lipton tea family size tea bags for this. I am not a morning person so I don't see myself ever getting up before everyone else to make a cup of hot tea, but I am creating new traditions for my family now and that is going to include Lipton iced tea.

Lipton Tea & Honey shopping #FamilyTeaTime

Lipton understand busy families who still want to create family traditions and they have created Lipton Tea & Honey pitcher packs so that making a pitcher of iced tea doesn't have to be a process. These pitcher packs are quick and easy and come in some yummy flavors. I went grocery shopping recently with Hubby and found these three flavors: Blackberry Pomegranate Green Tea, Lemon Black Tea, and Mango Pineapple Green Tea. I want to entice my boys to sit at the table for dinner so buying treats like this was the perfect choice! See more of my shopping trip in my Lipton Tea & Honey #FamilyTeaTime Google Album.

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Lipton pitcher packs #FamilyTeaTime

In my extended family, we also have a tradition of going to my dad's house (the house I grew up in) and having dinner together on Sundays. It warms my heart that I can build on my childhood memories of family and dinner together as well as create new traditions my family now. Hubby and I tried the Blackberry Pomegranate Green Tea for dinner on Friday night and I'm excited try out different "flavors" to see which my family likes better. I'm also planning to take my new awesome iced tea dispenser over to dad's tonight and might even try to talk my family into a blind taste test to tell me their faves!

Growing up in Texas, pitchers of iced tea are a family memory and I'm looking forward to creating more family traditions with my own family now with Lipton Tea & Honey.

How do you create Family Traditions in your home?!!

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  1. Janet W. says:

    I love making fresh sweet tea! It’s delicious!

  2. deb p says:

    We have used Lipton teas for years, and with honey when we have a cold. Great stuff.

  3. I’m so glad that you reminded me about quiet during dinner. I really want to make a better effort to have that TV off and not take any calls during dinner. That’s supposed to be our time. Thank you for the reminder!!

  4. I love that we are starting to make our own family traditions. It just seems like the everyday traditions get lost with school, large work loads and the lack of a dinette table. We have a dining room table but we don’t eat in the dining room. I know, we are weird. 🙂

    • JanetGoingCrazy says:

      You know, we normally eat in bed, so weird is okay in my book!

  5. Raine says:

    I have said this before-I need to start traditions, I had depended on my family to continue everything special, but sadly as they have passed away I realize I stopped alot of things my kids should be experiencing. this post brings back so many memories, we love our tea in our family and i always remember my grandma using cleaned out milk bottles to make sun tea, and i had completely forgot I used to drink my hot tea with cream like my grandpa when I was little. Thank you for these memories I just had, and i hope your family is enjoying special times together!

  6. My grandmother lived with us and always made a pitcher of iced tea using Lipton and fresh lemons and I have continued that tradition

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