Celebrating the Holidays at Santa’s Wonderland

A day with the boys #BB4Me

Celebrating the Holidays

@ Santa's Wonderland

My boy is 4.5 now and this holiday season is going to be the best ever! He has been talking about Santa Claus more and more and he has exact requests. Last year, he knew what he wanted from Santa and he was very excited, but it is nothing compared to this year. He got a letter from Santa this week and was overjoyed to hear that he is on the "nice list". He has been such a big boy lately and getting praises every day at daycare that I knew I needed to treat him to a special day. When Hubby came home and said he was off on Saturday, I started making plans. We are celebrating the holidays starting now and I was ready to spend a day with my boys!!

North Pole at Bass Pro Shops #BB4Me

We started the day out with a preview showing of Rise of the Guardians in Dallas and then headed over to Bass Pro Shops for a special surprise. We were visiting Santa's Wonderland!! Now, once we told our boy that we were going to see Santa, that was enough to get him excited, but he had no idea how amazing this Wonderland would actually be until we got there.

Talking Reindeer at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

To be honest, I knew we were going to have a great time, but even I wasn't prepared for this! It was amazing!! Even though Santa's Wonderland has just started last weekend, there were already people everywhere and all of the children were jumping to get their pictures with Santa. I couldn't stop looking around at all the decorations and activities for the children to do!

Nutcracker at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

My boy was in love with these nutcrackers while we were waiting in line to see Santa. He is going to be thrilled when we go see The Nutcracker in a couple of weeks. As we stood there (which wasn't long, actually) he kept looking around and pointing and was occasionally just jumping out of excitement! I love to see him get this excited and this was about as good as it gets!!

Santa and Mrs Claus at Santa's Wonderland

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves were amazing. Mrs. Claus gave children coloring books and talked to them while standing in line, the elves were busy at work on the camera (which happened to break right before it was our turn), and Santa even came (skipping) over to us when there was a short delay and talked to my boy and the other children. There was a hustle and bustle around Santa's Wonderland, but it felt relaxing and comforting and my boy was soaking it all in.

Santa and The Boy at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

Speaking of Santa – THE. BEST. SANTA. EVER.!! He was so happy to see my boy and I got to hear that heart-warming giggle that comes when my boy is shy, excited, nervous, happy, and just is about to burst with JOY!!


Free Photo with Santa!

happy Santa and The Boy at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

Get a FREE 4X6 studio-quality photo with Santa in a Bass Pro Shops paper frame. If you love the photo, order more online!

I'm pretty sure that my boy was still looking at me while Santa looked at the photographer, but the grins are just adorable! I also think that Santa and my boy may have been trying to out-do each other with those smiles. ๐Ÿ™‚


Free Games and Activities!

Daisy Red Ryder shooting range #BB4Me

Practice your shooting skills using Daisy BB guns at the laser shooting range!

Hubby gave our boy a few lessons on aiming and shooting the animals on the Daisy Red Ryder shooting range. They were able to "test" a Daisy Red Ryder and a Daisy Pink Carbine. My boys who love to watch TV and stay indoors are getting into this hunting game.

learning to shoot arrows #BB4Me

Practice bow and arrow shooting at the Shooting Gallery

The Boy loved to practice with the bow and arrow and try to knock down the ducks. He had even more fun watching Daddy do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

driving a train at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

Be a Conductor of the Electric Train

Every boy (and girl) loves to play with an electric train and this one was so much fun! The Boy got to move the train forward and backward, speed up and slow down, and he was taking his job very seriously!


Free Arts & Crafts!

Santa ornament craft at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

Make a new craft every week!

Santa's Wonderland has a new craft every week and this week was an adorable Santa ornament. It was simple to make with felt and glue and apparently we did a great job because Hubby thought I had bought this while he was away. 

Dear Santa letter at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

Write a letter to Santa and mail it right away!

My boy got a letter from Santa last week and was overjoyed to learn that he is on the GOOD list. He was happy to write a letter to Santa and ask if he would send us an elf. He also reminded Santa that he wants a WWE wrestling ring. They even had a special mailbox just for our letters!

coloring snowman at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

Coloring Pages

My boy and I share a love of coloring and he is getting so good at it. I enjoy watching his coloring pages come home with him each week because I can see his coloring skills improving. He was excited to sit and color a snowman at Santa's Wonderland.


Wildlife Carousel

Wildlife Carousel {ride a reindeer} at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

Ride a Reindeer at the Wildlife Carousel

My boy's favorite ride at a carnival or fair – the carousel. He was tickled that he could ride a reindeer and asked me to ride along with him. Who could resist a carousel and this adorable grin?!

Fun on the Wildlife Carousel at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

Daddy was taking pictures of us as we went round and round so we started making faces and waving at him. He caught this amazing laugh on my little man's face. I love him so much and I just can't stop hugging him, even when we are going round and round!

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Holiday Gifting with Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

Daisy Red Ryder display at Santa's Wonderland #BB4Me

With all of the excitement of the holidays coming and Hubby is on the GOOD list as well, I had decided that we were finally going to get my man his Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun. He was pretty darn excited about it, too!

holiday gifting Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun #BB4Me

{this is his "tough guy" bb gun carrying face}

You see, my husband is a city boy, born and raised in Detroit. We met in Austin, but after the first time I brought him home to meet my parents (in small town East Texas) he was hooked. He loved the quiet feel of the small town and we moved here just after we were married. Being a city boy, he didn't get to learn about hunting and fishing and being a country kid, but he is all about learning it (except he doesn't want to camp out unless there is electricity.. ;)). He has been asking me for a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun since the very first Christmas we were together. He was working in Tyler at a country club and would go to the grocery store next door for some of their supplies. He would see the Daisy Red Ryder BB guns on the shelf and come home almost every day telling me about them (mostly because there were fewer and fewer every day) until they were gone.

I was raised in the country, but never owned a gun. My dad would go hunting occasionally, but would always borrow a friend's gun. I'm terrified of them – even BB guns – and that comes from not knowing the safety rules and never handling a gun. My dad wants to teach my son to shoot a gun and even bought him a "play" gun recently. The gun will not come to my house because we do not know about the safety rules yet. He is learning little by little at Papa's house and a few weeks ago he was visiting overnight and had the chance to play with it outside. When I went to pick him up, he told me that he had a story to tell me, "and it's a horrible story!" (hands moving around and all). He said, "I got my gun outside and there were TWO BEARS in the shed and I shot them and they died!" and he was so proud. 

Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun and Safety Gear shopping #BB4Me

We picked up a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun, some pellets, and some safety glasses for Hubby and Air Hunterz for my boy so he would have something to play with because he can't shoot the BB gun yet.

Check out our entire shopping trip in my

Santa's Wonderland and Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun Google Album!!

Daisy website - Safety Rules - Shooting Safety Quiz #BB4Me

Daisy recommends their guns be used by those over 10 years old.

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  1. Carol L says:

    This is great and what wonderful memories for your son and hubby ๐Ÿ™‚
    My 7, when they were little kids always loved Santa visits. As long as they were watching from a disatance. lol
    Carol L

  2. Carren Larsen says:

    I love bass Pro shops at Christmas. Been doing that for years. now my Grandson is 2.5 years old and were going this weekend. Cant wait. I have Santa photos o him from there since he was born, but this year he knows whats going on. He also knows when he’s bad, and has taken to hiding the “Elf on a Shelf,”

  3. Oh how fun! I remember visiting Santa as a child and it was so special!

  4. Melissa R. says:

    Looks like you guys had a grand time. I admit I hate doing the santa visits. I was always the kind of kid that was freaked out by people in costume. If were were in a store and someone was dressed up in costume I would literally force my mom to go down a different aisle than the one the person was in. I just hated that they always came up and touched you and such.

  5. Pam Allen says:

    OMG I didn’t even know Brass Pro Shop did all this for the holidays. Thanks for sharing this wonderful family experience. I miss the “young age” Christmas feelings- your son is going to have a blast. My kids are at the age they don’t really believe in Christmas so it’s not as fun but still fun for me. Happy Holidays!

  6. you said make you laugh in a comment so here we go!

    Q: how do you make Holy water?

    A: boil the hell out of it!

    • JanetGoingCrazy says:

      Haha!! I love it!!

  7. I love the PowerLine Model 5501

  8. Kayleen Considine says:

    I like the Red Ryder tin sign.

  9. I would love a couple of sling shots his and his, and I’ll whoop his but. lol. and the pink carabiner, saw it in the tractor supply store and too cute.

  10. I like the Pink Carbine Model 1998 Fun Kit. Thanks.

  11. Karen Medlin says:

    Daisy Boy Tin Sign, Hubby would love to hang in his workshop

  12. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I LOVE the Pink Carbine Model 1998 Fun Kit

  13. Sherry Compton says:

    Power line 5901 kit

  14. PAIGE CHANDLER says:

    I like the PowerLine Model 5501

  15. Jessica says:

    PowerLine Model 201

  16. I loved going to see Santa as a child – perhaps more than my kids did when they were little

  17. I like the PowerLine P15 Slingshot Kit Model 8153

  18. Kate F. says:

    I like the Red Ryder Model 1938.

  19. Linda Lansford says:

    I want PowerLine TargetPro Model 953

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    The Powerline 5171 Kit

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    I like the Mossy Oak Grizzly Model 840 with Scope

  22. Kelley F says:

    PowerLine P15 Slingshot Kit Model 8153

  23. Leah CB says:

    Red Ryder Tin Sign

  24. Debbie Hall says:

    Daisy Red Ryder Cap is my fav!!!

  25. Jennifer Boehme says:

    I like the Mossy Oak Grizzly.

  26. We went to Bass Pro Shops on Sunday to see Santa and enjoy all of the fun too! But we didn’t have a carousel and now I’m sad face! Looks like y’all had an amazing time!

  27. My son would love the AVANTI Legend Model 853.

  28. Jennifer Rote says:

    Mossy Oak Grizzly Model 840 with Scope

  29. Sonya Morris says:

    I like the Powerline Pellet trap!

  30. Sonya Morris says:

    The activities at Bass Pro Shops look like fun!! We will have to stop by there first when we go to the mall!

  31. I would like a slingshot!

  32. Sam B. says:

    I’ve always wanted a slingshot…..lol

  33. How fun! My son would love anything…but my daughter would love the pink carbine model. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I like the Tin Signs–the Red Ryder and the daisy. Those would be great in a “country” themed room.

  35. Margaret Smith says:

    I like the Model 25 Pump Gun

  36. Barbara Platt says:

    AVANTI Gold Medalist Model 887

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