The hottest new Fisher Price toys

The hottest new Fisher Price toys #FisherPricePlaydate @housepartyfun

playing alone with Rev ‘n Go Vehicles #FisherPricePlaydate

I talk a lot about my boy and me playing and doing crafts. We have a lot of fun and we're always trying to think of something new and fun to do. Sometimes, though, Mommy can be borrrrrring… Despite my desire to avoid all activities that have to do with cleaning and housework, I cannot ignore it forever. Sometimes I have to stop playing and (gasp!) do laundry or (ugh!) wash the dishes! During these times, my boy wishes he had siblings or friends in the neighborhood (Mommy just wishes for a maid). He's such a good boy and I want to make him happy no matter what so I look out for opportunities for him to interact with other kids outside of daycare.

House Party @housepartyfun

I have signed up with a company called House Party and watch for opportunities to bring friends and family over to our house to introduce new products, but when this Fisher Price Playdate came along, I was STOKED! I wasn't sure if I would be picked to host a party, but it was too great of an opportunity to pass up so I applied and was picked!!

hottest new Fisher Price toys #FisherPricePlaydate

Look at what arrived on our doorstep!! Benjamin was AMAZED and he kept saying "thank you, Mommy" over and over!! Here is what we received:

  • (1) Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle
  • (1) Imaginext® Dragon
  • (1) Imaginext® Ogre
  • (1) Imaginext® Castle Accessory
  • (4) Imaginext® Castle Figures
  • (1) Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage
  • (1) Rev ‘n Go Stunt Hauler
  • (6) Rev ‘n Go Vehicles
  • (13) Batteries for toys



Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle and accessories


Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle and accessories #FisherPricePlaydate

This set of toys is simply amazing. We could not believe the detail in every piece and Benjamin just couldn't wait to tear into it all. He and Daddy played with it almost every day until the party. We were surprised to see that the toys actually interact with each other. When you have the Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle set up, and the Imaginext® Ogre or Imaginext® Dragon get set to attack, the castle actually "knows" it and will yell "Dragon!" or "Ogre!" and other funny phrases like "someone's in a bad mood".


Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage, Hauler, and Vehicles


Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage Hauler and Vehicles #FisherPricePlaydate

The Rev ‘n Go toys are a great hit as well. The garage has several different "stations" where your child can work on the cars. The hauler can carry 4-5 cars and then changes positions to become a stunt ramp. The best part; however, is the Rev 'n action! On the garage is attached to racing lanes where two cars click into place. Your child revs up the engines with a handle on top and then pushes the arrow button and the cars take off!! Each car has a spinning action and will do super tricks. This is a HUGE hit with my little speed racer boy!!


Welcome Fisher Price Playdate #FisherPricePlaydate

We sent out a call to a few of our friends to come over for a Fisher Price Playdate to see what the others thought about these awesome toys. We were sent party supplies and ideas, as well a few goodies for swag bags to take home with them.

Stay Tuned for more posts detailing all of the toys…and our party!!

Do you ever plan playdates? What are your kids' favorite activities?!!


  1. Sarah p says:

    A neat idea, having a house party to introduce new products, a great way to get friends, and littles ones together and try out something fun!! 🙂 These imaginext toys look perfect for my little nephews, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for them next time I’m out browsing around for gifts and things…thanks for sharing!

  2. Emmi says:

    My kids enjoyed this so much. The toys were perfect and I used my fisher price coupon to buy my god-son’s birthday gift.

    • JanetGoingCrazy says:

      I still need to post about the party! It was fun!!

  3. Gena says:

    SO much fun! I wish we would’ve been able to come. Our boys would’ve had a blast!

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