The Elusive Tooth Fairy

tooth fairyI’m not sure if other parents have this problem, but our tooth fairy is the most unreliable person ever. Occasionally, she’ll come that first night but usually it takes more like a week or more. She gets lost, delayed by rainstorms or the snow, goes to the wrong house, or can’t find a way to get inside ours. She goes on strike, is out on vacation, or has too many stops and doesn’t quite make it. It’s beyond absurd.

The good news is that my children are finally starting to accept it. At one point, my son came to me and said, “Mom, are you the tooth fairy?”

He was old enough, and knows me for the scatter-brain I can sometimes (yes, sometimes) be, so I conceded, “Yes.”

“Can I just have my dollar now, then?”

Yes, our tooth fairy is cheap, too.

Maybe it’s time we asked for a new one.

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  1. Thanks so much for participating in this tour! Really appreciate it!

    • JanetGoingCrazy says:

      I loved your guest post and your giveaway is going great on my site as well!! 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    Ha Ha! We must have had the same tooth fairy because ours was often late like that too! And we are cheap too, one dollar was it!

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