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acting silly with frog-o the frog @knockknock #ClumpOLump

Around my house, the stuffed toy is a must-have. Honestly, Hubby and I began buying stuffed toys for Benjamin as soon as we found out we were pregnant. On top of that, he and I both had tons of our own stuffed toys from our childhoods. It's just natural that my boy's best friend right now is a stuffed toy.

While my boy loves his Baby Penguin and the newest, Baby Brother (I'm not sure if I have told you all that we bought the same exact penguin from the zoo gift shop, only two years later and now we carry around both, have I?) he is always up for a new stuffed toy. I have to sneakily rotate them in our bed because he has so many "lovies" that he needs to sleep with that Hubby and I tend to get kicked out sometimes.

Clump-O-Lump Frog from @KnockKnock

One of our newest "lovies" to join the bedtime routine is Frog-o the Frog from the Clump-O-Lump™ family of friends. This is no ordinary three foot tall stuffed frog, though. You have to see what this friend does!!

big zippers on frog-o the frog @knockknock #ClumpOLump

You see, frog-o the frog, and the other Clump-O-Lump friends are equipped with these really big plastic zippers through their mid-sections. These zippers are in place so your children can take them apart and mix and match the friends and make the funniest creatures!!

easy zippers for small hands @knockknock #ClumpOLump

The zippers are all plastic and big enough for a little one's hands to unzip. My boy had frog-o the frog in pieces in no time. The zipper construction is much like a sleeping bag where the ends slide back together when reconstructing your friend. Benjamin was able to get him apart quickly, but had to have help in putting him back together.

bones and blood in frog-o the frog @knockknock #ClumpOLump

Of course, being a boy, Benjamin loved that he could see frog-o the frogs "bones and blood" inside. I thought that was a neat little feature as well. 😉

pieces of frog-o the frog @knockknock #ClumpOLump

Once we had him all in pieces and I told Benjamin about the other friends in the Clump-O-Lump family, he was asking when they would come to our house. I'm not quite sure that more than one of these guys would fit in the bed with us, but maybe Santa will bring him one so he can start his collection. I will just have to limit it to one complete creature in the bed at a time!

top of frog-o the frog @knockknock #ClumpOLump

I'm pretty sure that Benjamin is once again in love with his new "lovie" because this guy hasn't left the bed in the past few weeks that he has been living with us. He's quite soft actually. Last week, my pug stole my giraffe pillow so sometimes after Benjamin falls asleep, I have been known to use frog-o the frog as an extra pillow.

One last little detail, he washes great, too! We had three wet bed incidents this weekend (yikes!) and frog-o the frog was a casualty in one of those. He tolerated the washer with the sheets and came out good as new!

Clump-O-Lump friends @knockknock #ClumpOLump

There are some really adorable friends in the Clump-O-Lump line from Knock Knock. I think I might want shark-o the shark next for Benjamin, but I also really like squid-o the squid and bird-o the bird, so we might as well go ahead and get bee-o the bee and tig-o the tiger and then we will just have them all!

Let's see, six friends, three parts each, are we talking about 18 different characters you can create?!!

Clump-O-Lump from Knock Knock @knockknock #ClumpOLump

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Which creature would you want first, second? How would you cuddle, collect, and customize?!!

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  1. Oh how cute! My son would love this. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Manishak says:

    Aww. This is so cute! My kids have outgrown that ‘stuffed toys’ age, but I have all their stuffed toys with me placed neatly in a shelf that is now rarely unlocked:(

  3. barb says:

    OMG – these look too cute. Benjamin looks like he’s having lots of fun with that frog – I need to get two of these – one for Patience and one for Piper!

    • JanetGoingCrazy says:

      Barb – you will definitely need more than two, haha!!

  4. Melissa says:

    Those look like so much fun. I think my son would love the frog or shark, my daughter the bird or bee. I think they are all pretty cute.

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