Monetizing my blog with a Brand New Media Kit {Review}

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I have mentioned before that when I started this blog, it was all about a hobby and something fun to do. I didn’t know where it would take me, but I thought at most I would get to try out some new products and tell everyone what I thought about them. I thought there may be a little money in putting up advertisements once I started getting some traffic to my blog, but I wasn’t sure how I would feel about flashing ad all over my page. Now that I’m a little over a year into blogging, I’m learning a few more of the ropes and I’m learning more how to monetize my blog. One of the necessities I have learned about with monetization is the need for a blogger to have an awesome media kit.

I have been thinking about a Media Kit for my blog for a while now. You may have noticed that I just went through a redesign of the site and have new pirate characters to show off. The design is still slightly a work in progress, but with the new design I have new goals. I needed a Media Kit and I wanted it to ROCK!!

Introducing WOMinfo


WOMinfo mission

One of my dear friends, Denise, from Shopper Strategy and Multiple Mayhem has now started a website for blogger resources called WOMinfo where she is inspiring women to be successful through blogger resources and opportunities. She has created a forum for bloggers and has the following message:

WOMinfo was created to give women a voice and a forum for asking for the advice, guidance or assistance that they need to succeed in their businesses and careers. We’re all about providing you with the resources and connections you need to advance and to be successful and independent. Come join us, toot your own horn, and lend your wisdom to someone else who could use it, your generosity will no doubt be much appreciated and not forgotten. – Denise Hoyle, MBA

Blogger Resources


Media Kit Templates Just $14.95!


WOMinfo Media Kit Templates

As part of the initial launch of WOMinfo, they are creating Media Kits at the most amazing prices I’ve seen!! I was given the opportunity to order my very own media kit for review and tell all of my other blogger friends what I think. There were so many media kit options to choose from that it actually took me a little time to choose and I had to call in my husband’s creative eye for help.

“We feel that having a good media kit is a must for every professional blogger so we set out to make it as easy as possible! Now you can buy these template sets that are pre-made in a variety of different style and color choices that you can then update yourself whenever necessary.” – WOMinfo

Media Kit from WOMinfo

WOMinfo has six media kit designs to choose from and each design has multiple color schemes. I chose Media Kit Template Set 2 and asked if I could use the colors of my new blog design. As you can see above, they were able to use my existing header and my profile icon (my fave pic of my and the boy) as well as bits and pieces of my blog information. The form that I completed was very thorough and I was able to fill in all of the information that I wanted on my media kit. There were even questions about stats that I didn’t even know existed (i.e. Compete) and instructions on how to find out my demographics (no, I didn’t know that already).

I sent my form with all of the information to WOMinfo on September 2 and had my first draft back on September 4 and there were a lot of places that I put comments like “help me figure this out, please”. 🙂 I only had two small edits, one where I had listed a price incorrectly and the other had to do with some custom coloring (because I’m slightly high maintenance with my colors :P). So, there it is above and…

I am in love with my media kit!!

WOMinfo did a great job on the kit and it came back to me in a pdf file that I was able to upload to my blog. I put it on a password protected page so I can send that out to interested companies. I have had a few requests in the past and just typed out some prices and information, but now I feel grown up and more professional to be able to send out my media kit when requested!!

Bloggers: Check out the media kit templates!!


Media Kit Templates Just $14.95!

Bloggers, you will love all of the templates that WOMinfo has available that you can personalize and look professional in your dealings with PR contacts. You can choose to receive the template sets or ask WOMinfo to do the work for you. I’m not design oriented so it was easiest for me to have them personalize it to my site.

You can also visit WOMinfo to order your own Media Kit now!! Sign up for an affiliate account and make money by advertising for WOMinfo as well!!

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  1. rebecca day says:

    I love the Media Kit Template Set 6.

  2. I like template 5, the sweet pepper

  3. I like them all, but I really like set #6! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. Kathryn says:

    I like set #1. Thanks!

  5. Jamie says:

    I love template number 6!

  6. Joy H says:

    I think I like #5

  7. I LOVE both template #2 and #3!!!

  8. D'Ann Hedges says:

    I like the Media Kit Template Set 1

  9. Media Kit Template 6

  10. Scarlett Rose says:

    Not sure if my comment went through– Media Kit Template Set 1 is the best!

  11. Scarlett Rose says:

    I love the Media Kit Template Set 1. I could really use this for my new blogs!

  12. i loved the media kit #4 templates

  13. I really like #2

  14. I really like Media Kit Template Set 3! They are all pretty neat looking but I think #3 would fit my blog the best! So colorful!

  15. It’s so hard to chose. I think Media Kit template 6.

  16. I love the Media Kit Template Bundle Plus Developer License

  17. Jackie says:

    I’m torn, I like number four and number six and it would be a bit of a struggle to choose for me as they are each appealing in their own way.

  18. S says:
  19. I like the media kit template #1

  20. I like Template 5

  21. I like Template 2

  22. I love that a custom media kit is so affordable!

  23. I like media template kit 1

  24. I love the Media Kit Set Template 1. Well, I Love them ALL, really!

  25. I like Media Kit Template Set 6

  26. Amber says:

    I loved the blogger resources, I will definatly check them out 🙂

  27. Leah says:

    I like the templates and the freelance writer resources!

  28. Wendi says:

    Set 3 it was tough

  29. I like the Blogger Resource section and the variety of media templates available. The pricing is certainly reasonable, too!

  30. I love the Media Kit Template Set 6. They’re all so nice, though, it’s hard to choose!

  31. Oh, man, I don’t know. Maybe #3 or maybe get one customized all retro like 1960s cool! This is so hard to choose! I didn’t know they were affordable! If I don’t win I’m hitting this place!

  32. Template 3 or 5.
    Thanks for making this open to Canadians.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  33. I love the Media Kit Template Set 3. Love it!

  34. Love the media kits! Especially Set #1 🙂

  35. Love, love, love the media kits! Wow! And the blog ops. I’m going back to sign up now!

  36. Elizabeth L says:

    I like Media Kit Template Set 1

  37. Laura says:

    I like Media Kit Template 1 the best.

  38. Denise G says:

    I like set 5

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  39. Shannon says:

    I like media kit #2

  40. Shannon says:

    I like them all but my favorite is Media Kit Template Set 2.

  41. I think I like the #2 Template the most. 😀

  42. I agree with Kristin – I like the Media Kit template set 5!

  43. Lookng forward to winning….I so Need this for my site.

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  46. Sarah says:

    I love them all! It’s hard to pick. I will have to check them out some more!

  47. Jen ~ Gricefully Homeschooling says:

    What great looking Media Kits! Soon I’m going to looking for sponsorship for a convention next Spring… I would love to have one made for me!! 😉

  48. Marci Y. says:

    I would probably do the fully customize-able kit. 🙂

  49. Sarah Doyle says:

    I LOVE your new media kit! I’ve gone to the “shop” page/products page and I REALLY like Media Kit #1 — love the little curves in the design.

  50. I definitely LOVE all the resources!! But, I personally like the Media Kit Template Set 5.

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