Labor Day humor {poems and jokes}

Labor Day flag

It’s not even quite noon in Texas and I’ve already done more “work” on Labor Day than I normally do on a work day! I have had a crazy day and I’m not even halfway in yet. 🙂 Some people may say that today should be called “No Labor Day” because we’re all off work and all, but staying home with my boy (and two furbabies) has proven to be quite the adventure. In a moment of quiet (as The Boy watches Beethoven 2nd) I’ve pulled together some quick humor for you all to enjoy. I’ll be back to reviewing and posting some great pics of our fun weekend tomorrow.

For now, Enjoy!!

Labor Day humor


glorious holiday {Labor Day humor}

work station {Labor Day humor}


Labor Day poems


Work while you work {Labor Day poem}

Once a task is begun {Labor Day poem}

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