Maintaining hygiene while traveling with kids

Smile Buddy kids oral care kit by me4kidz (TM)

Maintaining hygiene while traveling with kids 

My son is going through a huge independent streak and I am loving it! It all started when we began traveling as a family for some of my work trips and he was responsible for packing his own suitcase. He would pack it full of toys and books, but always forget the essentials. We would give him the clothes and underwear and help him get that in the suitcase as well. When we received the Smile Buddy Kids Oral Care Kit and I told him it could be used for a trip, he was so excited and asked when we are going again!

me4kidz Smile Buddy Kids Oral Care Kit is great for traveling with kids!

Smile Buddy Kids Oral Care kit for traveling with kids @me4kidz

Kit Includes: (1) Kid- friendly Suction Cup Toothbrush (1) Crest Toothpaste w/ fluoride (12) Dentek Fun Flossers (1) 2-3 minute kid-friendly brushing sand timer (8) Kid-friendly fun stickers (1) Reusable & Recyclable carry anywhere case

Oral Care kit for traveling with kids @me4kidz

The Smile Buddy kit would be perfect for a boy or a girl and would make a great party favor gift for your child’s first sleepover, a kit that could stay in an overnight bag or your purse for those times when you forget to pack the toothbrush. My boy loves the timer and stickers in the kit and I love that the toothbrush has a suction cup on the bottom so it doesn’t fall over and lay on the sink. Next time you are traveling with kids, you will want a Smile Buddy to come along.

A SMILE for life @me4kidz

Me4Kidz provides name brand items in each kit. Smile Buddy has both Crest and Dentek. We recently bought a fancy toothbrush for our boy and he loves it, but the toothbrush alone was almost $5! The Smile Buddy from me4kidz is only $5.95 and has him so excited to travel (because he thinks he can only use it when we are on a trip). 

me4kidz Mission Statement - Clean it Fix it & Back to Play (TM)

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Me4Kidz has lots of kits that are useful when traveling with kids including a nail kit, baby kit and an awesome MediBag.

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