TCBY Frozen Yogurt (not ice cream) Sandwich Day Celebration! #TCBYGrocery #CBias

Did you know that August 2 was National Ice Cream Sandwich Day? My family loves to celebrate interesting and fun holidays, but we decided to throw in a twist this time and celebrate with some frozen yogurt. We celebrated TCBY Frozen Yogurt Sandwich Day…with some sprinkles and some family fun!!

Shopping for TCBY Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches

frozen yogurt #TCBYGrocery

This past week, Hubby went to the doctor and learned that he has gained more weight and I know that I have been gaining as well so we are looking at ways to start eating better. Since we were looking to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, we decided to make it healthier and turn it into a TCBY Frozen Yogurt Sandwich Day instead. We have seen this display for TCBY Frozen Yogurt at Walmart over and over and I always stop to look, but this time we were there to buy.

shopping for #TCBYGrocery

My boy was so excited when he saw the frozen yogurt sandwiches, he wanted to start eating right away! I told him that we are celebrating the sandwiches and decorating them and he loved the idea. We planned to take them to my dad's house (Papa and Granny) and decorate for everyone. I love that TCBY has the health benefits displayed brightly on the front of the box – 180 calories and 7 type of probiotics (something that both my boy and I could benefit from). You can find more of our shopping trip in my Shopping for #TCBYGrocery Frozen Yogurt Sandwich Day Celebration Google Album.

Time to celebrate Frozen Yogurt Sandwich Day

 ready for Frozen Yogurt sandwiches #TCBYGrocery

Every Sunday, we head to my dad's in the afternoon/evening and he cooks Sunday dinner and we all spend time as a family. This Sunday was no different except my boy was ready for the celebration to begin from the moment we walked in the door. We all sat down to eat dinner and after one bite, he was already asking when we were going to make the sandwiches. After a long agonizing dinner, where the adults actually wanted to enjoy the meal and visit while eating, we finally let him dig into the box.

Aunt B frozen yogurt sandwich celebration #TCBYGrocery

While Hubby and my parents moved to the living room, Aunt B joined us to make the frozen yogurt sandwich treats.

green sprinkles frozen yogurt sandwich #TCBYGrocery

This was The Boy's first creation with green sprinkles. He took a few bites and then moved on to his second sandwich. I think he was more into the decorating than the eating. ;)

pink stripes frozen yogurt sandwich #TCBYGrocery

Aunt B put her pink sparkle to use and made this striped frozen yogurt sandwich. This one went to Granny, who said she enjoyed how the cookie on the frozen yogurt sandwiches stayed slightly crunchy unlike a typical ice cream sandwich. She was surprised that she liked the frozen yogurt more than ice cream!

confetti icing frozen yogurt sandwich #TCBYGrocery

Hubby really like icing so I made him a frozen yogurt sandwich with cookie icing and sprinkles. He loved it and said we can celebrate Frozen Yogurt Sandwich Day again soon!

celebrating frozen yogurt sandwich day #TCBYGrocery

The Boy's second creation looked similar to his first, but with more colorful sprinkles. the let this one melt a little and then dug in. He likes it "melty".

red frozen yogurt sandwich #TCBYGrocery

This one was my experiment with food coloring – the RED frozen yogurt sandwich! (it was quite yummy!!)

enjoying frozen yogurt sandwich #TCBYGrocery

We had so much fun celebrating TCBY Frozen Yogurt Sandwich Day and The Boy loved the frozen yogurt. He's not a big fan of ice cream so I was happy to see that he liked this treat and that it is healthier for a treat. We won't be covering them with sugary sprinkles every time because (1) that takes away from the "healthier" option and (2) they don't NEED sprinkles to be AWESOME!!

TCBY Frozen Yogurt!!

TCBY Frozen Yogurt is making quite a stir around the internet and in Walmart stores lately. Now that I've finally tried the sandwiches, I can see my family buying FroYo more often. Check out what else is new in the world of frozen yogurt -

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Save the Date: Please join us for the #TCBYGrocery Twitter Party on Thursday, August 23, 2012 from 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST for a fun chat about TCBY and prizes! More details to come soon!!

What is your favorite flavor or frozen treat that you can now substitute with frozen yogurt?!!


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  1. Such a fun way to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! I feel the same way as your son! I’m ready to dig into TCBY Frozen Yogurt as soon as I get my hands on a box!
    Terri recently posted..Must Have Fab ~ Great Hair On The GoMy Profile

  2. I like hard frozen yogurt, like the kind you scoop and lurve ice cream sandwiches! I’ll have to look for these, as I haven’t seen them in my area.
    Greta recently posted..Is this Paradise? – Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  3. What a fun way to jazz up the bars! So cute!
    Amy recently posted..TCBY Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches Three WaysMy Profile

  4. I think you negated any calorie savings with all the stuff you put on top. I like Dole fruit bars.

    • Yeah, it was fun to go crazy with the decorations for the celebration, but it did kinda defeat the purpose of the frozen yogurt. Oh well…gotta have fun sometimes!! ;)

  5. My husband started eating frozen yogurt as an alternative to ice cream for health reasons, too. And it made a difference. He actually prefers it now compared to regular ice cream.

    • We were really surprised how good it was! It melted a little faster than ice cream, but then again who sits around and watches it when you can just eat it up?!

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