Help us name my son’s new travel blog

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For the past few trips that we have been on, when we get to the hotel, The Boy runs in and opens every cabinet and every drawer, picks up a pad of paper and pen, and declares, "I need to go write my blog". We think it is just about time for him to start a travel blog!

Starting a travel blog

boy writing his blog

Almost two years ago, I started a new position at my full time job and this changed my family's life for the good. I am closer to home and have less driving around and travel, but the one downside is that I work with a unit of investigators who are 4 hours away. This requires me to travel about once a month for an overnight stay. Until the past few months, I was spending that night away alone and missing my boys and them missing me. When planning a trip for a work conference, Hubby mentioned that it would be fun if he and The Boy came along and played at the hotel while I worked. Brilliant! Since then, my family has become quite the traveling family and since The Boy talks about his blog all the time, we are actually considering letting him start a travel blog.

boy is a photographer

I take a lot of photos for my blog and he has really caught on. He uses his Lightning McQueen camera when we travel and snaps pictures of the things he likes. It's time to get him a camera of his own, but if we are traveling and I'm not using my phone, he can grab it, get the camera ready and snap the pictures on his own. If he is going to have a travel blog, he is going to need a real camera soon.

Where will he go?

boy is saving money for his travels

My boy is really great at saving money and now that he knows about the Coinstar machine at Brookshires, he is always saving up for his next trip. The past two trips we have taken over the Summer have been work-related for me so he and Daddy get to go "play" while I am working. He has been to Austin twice, but both times were in different parts of Austin so it was like a different world for him. We also traveled to Dallas for his uncle's wedding and stayed overnight with Granny Great and Great Aunt Linda. He has so many stories to tell from his travels and they would be great for a travel blog!

boy wants to travel with his parents

This Summer was also my boy's first plane ride when he went to visit his uncle in Colorado. He went with Granny and spent an entire week. He was so happy to be home and had stories and stories to tell! If only he had a travel blog to get it all out. But, where will he go next? Maybe he will get a surprise trip later this week…just maybe… ;)

Learning the essentials of travel

boy's new backpack from Kiddie Antics

The Boy is only 4 so he doesn't have to worry about the essentials of traveling or the details. He just packs a bag and is ready to go. I won this backpack from a blog giveaway recently and he has been using this for his overnight travels. Sometimes the toys take up the whole backpack so I have to put his clothes in my suitcase, but that's okay. He needs his essentials if he is going to maximize his experience and blog about it later.

boy wearing silly glasses

Once he has packed the essentials and buckles in safely, he is ready to go! Last Summer, I took him on a road trip to Missouri to visit a friend of mine who was graduating with her doctorate. It was a 14 hour drive and I planned at least 2-3 stops throughout at locations that would be fun for him. We stopped at a huge playground to play and saw the Precious Moments museum. We had a blast and I wonder if he still remembers enough about that trip to put on his travel blog. I might have to supplement for him a little and remind him with the tons of photos I took. He did wonderfully on that trip and I just know that my little man is going to be a world traveler someday.

Culturelle Kids Chewables #culturellekids

When I think essentials I think socks, underwear, snacks, and there is nothing worse than dealing with tummy issues when you're traveling. My boy already has issues with the potty so anything we can find help him along is a blessing to us.

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What will we call his travel blog?

boy is exhausted from his travels

We need help naming his new adventure, the travel blog, so we would love to hear what you think. His daddy calls him "Goober" so we could use that. His name is Benjamin James and people at daycare have called him "Ben", "Benji", and all of the different variations. Sometimes I call him my "Benji Boo-Boo", but he might not appreciate that as he gets a little older… ;) So…help us out!!

What is your idea for naming my boy's travel blog?!!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Culturelle Kids. All stories and opinions are my own.


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  2. Benji Travels :)
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    • JanetGoingCrazy says:

      Can you believe that before he was born, I refused to call him anything besides Benjamin. When he was 6 mths, his daycare teacher called him Benji Wenji and I LOVED it!! Now, Benji Boo-Boo comes out of my mouth all the time. ;)

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