A Love for Horses and a Call to Action

 Saving America's Mustangs #SaveAmericasMustangs #CBias

I took a short road trip yesterday and my GPS decided to play a trick on me and take me through the country roads in East Texas. When I realized what it was doing, I was slightly annoyed, but then I started to see all of the country houses and land and the beautiful horses roaming…

roaming mustang #SaveAmericasMustangs

Instead of being angry, I found myself slowing down and watching the horses grazing in the open fields.

horseback riding

I was reminded of the Saving America’s Mustangs organization Call to Action I told you about earlier this month and how I am hoping to nurture a love of horses with my son.

Saving America’s Mustangs

Mustang sanctuary #SaveAmericasMustangs

“Our wild mustang should be a national treasure. The horses have no natural predator. Their only predator is mankind, when we do the wrong thing.” – Madeleine Pickens


Mustang Monument #SaveAmericasMustangs

Madeleine Pickens and the Saving America’s Mustangs Foundation are currently developing Mustang Monument: Wild Horse Eco-Preserve, in Nevada, as a permanent home to protect and care for wild horses presently in captivity. The preserve and living museum will be a location for the public to visit, learn about, and appreciate the horses and American culture.

Patriotic Mustang #SaveAmericasMustangs

It will be a patriotic place designed for people of all ages to come and see their land and their horses. It will be a place that will show how America came to be and why the wild horse is such an integral part to our American history and culture.

People will see wild horses roaming free, native wildlife, and the beautiful desert landscape like they never have before.

There will be endless activities on the grounds; complete with electronic classrooms equipped with educators and seminars about the wild horses and Native American history.

Guided hikes through the desert, camping in teepees, special campfires with musical storytelling and Native American legends, arts and crafts, creative writing, photography, internships, and learning the science of the land and caring for the horses will be just a few of the things guests can participate in.

Call to Action: How can you help?

SAM temporary tattoo #SaveAmericasMustangs

If you’re wondering how you can help #SaveAmericasMustangs, here are a few calls to action to get you started!

bumper sticker #SaveAmericasMustangs

Parents, get your children involved by printing this pdf for them to color and talk to them about a love for horses!!

Kids Corner #SaveAmericasMustangs

Party for a cause

Join us on 8/22/12 at 1pm EST for a #SaveAmericasMustangs Twitter party {RSVP today by clicking that link!}

Pin for a cause

Join us for the #SaveAmericasMustangs Party on Pinterest! We’re giving away (2) $200 prizes. {08/10/12 through 08/24/12}

Official Contest Pin Copy Suggestion:

  • #SaveAmericasMustangs by spreading the word!
  • Pin for a cause and help #SaveAmericasMustangs
  • Join the #SaveAmericasMustangs Party August 10- August 24, and you could win one of (2) $200 Grand Prizes: $100 gift card for you and $100 scholarship to the Saving America’s Mustangs Monument

Party Rules

  1. Create a #SaveAmericasMustangs Pinterest board.
  2. Pin the #SaveAmericasMustangs party pin.
  3. Pin at least 3 images from Saving America’s Mustangs (Mustangs, Advocacy, The Monument).
  4. Pin at least 3 other photos of mustangs, animal rights advocacy, and western wildlife.
  5. Submit board link and email to the linky at the RSVP post: #SaveAmericasMustangs Pin for a Cause Pinterest Party

The Solution

  • It’s all about grassroots to make a definitive change for our wild mustangs. We encourage all of our supporters to tell anyone and everyone they know that this is happening to America’s mustangs! Many Americans aren’t even aware that the mustangs belong to the American people and should be protected.

  • Animal rights advocate or not, you should care that your hard earned tax dollars  (upwards of $85 million per year for the removal and holding of these wild horses) are being spent to pay ranchers to round up the mustangs into holding pens where there is no accountability for their living conditions. Madeline at the Mustang Monument could house these horses at almost 4x less the cost and save the American Taxpayer millions each year. Please get behind this issue and speak up for these innocent animals with no voice of their own. Currently there are 45,000 wild horses in federally funded holding facilities where these horses will live the remainder of their lives cooped up if not sold off and shipped to slaughter in the middle of the night.

What are you willing to do to Save America’s Mustangs?!!

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  1. ANN*H says:

    i love horses. this is such a wonderful cause to help these beautiful creatures. if I won the lottery I would buy me some horses. I have wanted a palomino since I was a little girl not im retired and never got that horse LOL it makes me sick when i see what they do to this horses and how they chase them down : (

  2. Laura Love says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to this incredible cause. My mother absolutely loves horses, and I was riding before I could walk. I’m sorry I missed the twitter party! Hopefully there will be another one!

  3. A drive through the country can be very cleansing. This is such an unsung cause and the American public needs to be informed. Thanks for letting us all know what WE can do to help save OUR mustangs!

  4. Mimi says:

    Such an amazing cause for these beautiful creatures! I plan on being at the twitter party!! Happy to participate!

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