Five Things I learned from NOT going to BlogHer

BlogHer 2012 New York City

I still feel like a newbie blogger even though I've been hacking away at this blog for just over a year now. When I start something new, I jump in full force and you can ask my husband how many nights I've been on this blog when he was trying to tell me a story or show me something. Even my child at 4 years old talks about my blog ALL THE TIME!! So, why I didn't go to BlogHer 2012 in New York City – who knows?!!

A few weeks before BlogHer, I was offered a ticket at Early Bird price and I was so close to buying it. I had one sponsor tell me that she could help with airfare (possibly) but the rest would be up to me to either find sponsors (at the last minute) or pay out of pocket. Although blogging has been helping me tremendously with our budget, we still are not financially stable enough for me to jet across the country to New York for a few days!

So, I sat back and watched my friends party and meet lots of great brands and PR reps and have the time of their lives. And I took notes…


5 Things I Learned by NOT Going to BlogHer 2012 in New York City

1. I should have gone. Period. I said it. I wish I had gone and I'm jealous of those who did. I know jealousy is a deadly sin, but I gave in and this is my confession. Let's just move on. :P

2. Comfort is key when at BlogHer. I read it everywhere before the conference and I read it during the conference. I even read it after the conference. Wear. Comfortable. Shoes. Apparently, there is a lot of walking, standing, walking, standing…do not stop because you will miss something…

3. Do not share your room AND your conference agenda with your bestest blogging buddy if you have not ever met in person. You know those friends that you make online and you talk every day in your Facebook groups and they become your bestie…that person…don't do it. In fact, it seems to me that roommates might be okay due to the expense and the fact that you are rarely in your room anyway, but the agenda needs to be your own. You do not want to be stuck with the person who wants to sleep in or drags their feet about going to the next event or changes their mind and changes the time of an appointment without telling you. Just plan your schedule for yourself and if you happen to collide schedules with your bestie, great! If you meet in person and that person completely makes you want to scream, you at least have a full day of conference outings that will keep you away.

4. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare – this means schedules, maps, appointments, tickets, organization, spreadsheets, on and on and on… Just be as prepared as possible. Start now (you have less than a year!) and get prepared. Read articles from other conference participants like this one from MamaNYC –> 5 Lessons Learned & Tips from BlogHer.

5. I am going to BlogHer 2013 in Chicago. Period. I'm going. Somehow, someway, if I have to start saving now (I really should start planning – see #4) and I am going!! Maybe I can win this giveaway for a 2013 Conference Pass!! (update, I'm not going…but I am going to BlissDom and SoFabCon!)

What did you learn from either going or NOT going to BlogHer this year?!!


  1. Janet, I am going to go to BlogHer ’13 as well. I have decided this already. I am 6 hours away and my family is an hour away. There is no reason to not go…
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  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    From what I have read you are correct – The most important thing is to prepare: activities, comfortable shoes, etc. I am rooting for you to make the next BlogHer conference

  3. Some good tips from you and MNYC. I’m not a blogger but most of the tips apply to any conference travel or even any travel. ALWAYS WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES!

  4. Thank you so much for this article! I am a very new blogger and am so interested in all aspects of the blogging life.

    When I’v attended conferences (non-blogging, just work related and hobby related) in the past, I’ve always learned so much and met such amazing people. I’d love to have the chance to go to a BlogHer conference and learn more about this craft and meet other bloggers and sponsors someday.

    Being a single parent, getting away for even a few days is probably not going to be an option in the next few years. Childcare for that long a time and very limited finances would prevent it. But having the chance to read articles about everyone else’s experiences, or that they can’t go either, help me to be incluced, even if I can’t attend.

    Thank you for showing a newbie what to expect if I am ever able to go and for sharing your experience and feelings about not attending!
    HC Montgomery recently posted..Just One of Those Day!My Profile

    • I learn something new every single day in blogging. Joining the blogging groups and networking has been the most helpful. They can be intimidating at first because everyone knows everyone else, but once you start chatting, there are some awesome bloggers out there who can help you learn. I am always willing to help with questions if I know the answer so please feel free to email me if you need anything!!

      • Thank you, Janet! I really appreciate the offer of help. It’s very kind of you. I know that just blogging alone takes a lot of effort and time. Add to that family and friends, housework, jobs in and out of the home and bloggers have so much to take care of, it’s amazing that they can be so helpful and friendly towards the ones just starting out. I’ve found that most, like you, are willing to extend that help and friendship! It’s so awesome!

        I just purchased Google Blogger for Dummies and I’m going to read that starting tonight. It’s my hope that this book will answer most of my questions and help me to do what you can probably already do in your sleep. I hate to pester people with a lot of questions that I can find the answers to myself. I’d rather just get to know fellow bloggers through common bonds and sharing experiences, like the great article you just shared!
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        • That’s awesome! I learned a lot of what I started with by reading blogs (for about 6 months, actually) before I started my blog. Then I took a week off work and just played around. I still like to learn by researching on my own, but it’s always nice to know that someone will help when I get stumped. Good Luck!!!!

  5. I have been blogging for a 1 1/2 and I hope I am able to attend next year as I have not been to any as of yet and I know they would help me out a lot so I really need to shake things up on my blog and figure out how to monitize my blog and make the money as well as the time to go.

    • You have been blogging just a little longer than me and we are learning together. If there is anything I can help with, let me know!!

  6. I’m actually most likely skipping BlogHer next year, but we’re looking at EVO. I am 100% with you on the roommate thing, thankfully, Danielle was AWESOME!
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    • I can imagine that Danielle would be a fun roommate. :D But..yeah, things could go totally wrong if you don’t really KNOW the person! I’m thinking Blissdom in March (really hoping for BBC in September) and then BlogHer…just to say I did it, ya know!

  7. Nicole @ MamaNYC says:

    Say it, sistah! So unhappy you weren’t there with all of us, but … 2013 is just going to be *THAT* much better. Now we need to just figure out a way to make the next 11-months FLY by!

    Thanks for the mention too! I have SO many tips to give, complaints to cry about, and advice to preach out about my experience at BlogHer. It was definitely a learning experience and I wish I listened to all of the advice that I received from veterans, but NOW I know.

    I also learned to ALWAYS listen to people that have BEEN there; DONE that. If you read the SAME advice over and over from multiple bloggers, I would say it is safe to believe and follow that advice! Next year – comfortable sandals and shoes [only]! My poor puppies. . . ;(

    Chi-Town ’13… HERE WE COME!!!! <3
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    • I would totally say that we should be roomies for 2013, but I don’t want to hate you later, haha!! Plus, I totally snore really loud and I would feel terrible if I kept someone awake (besides my husband). And…I’m not really sure that I can get away with going on a long trip to CHICAGO without my husband coming along. He is from Michigan and LOVES Chicago. He can wander the streets eating pizza and whatever else while I live it up with my bloggy besties!!

  8. I am jealous of those that got to go too! I am aiming to go to BlogHer ’13 and have even started planning a little and checking prices for things. I’m about a 6 hour drive from Chicago or a 4 1/2 hour train ride.
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    • So, since you mention train…I hear that those who are close enough, should DRIVE! Apparently, there is a huge potential for major SWAG and you don’t want to be lugging all of that on a train after the conference. I don’t know – I haven’t been there – but I’m just passing along what I’ve heard!

  9. I totally agree about #1. I had a ticket and sold it a long time ago. I couldn’t bare the thought of missing my son’s 1st birthday. I’m definitely going next year.
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  10. I really, really would like to go. I also really, REALLY want to visit Chicago. Now I just have to make it happen… (PS I’ve been blogging for, um, four years now and still haven’t managed to get across the Atlantic to a big blogging conference)
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    • Well…2013 it is then! I hope you get to go next year and that our schedules will collide at some point!

  11. I love this! I wish I could have gone also but I am going to try to be proactive to go to Blissdom in 2013 and if I can swing it BlogHer! I want my blog to be a better, more welcoming place and can’t wait to learn! Love how candid you are! I am jealous too )
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