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Fairy Tales: Nightmares or Sweet Dreams? @myfirstory {Review}

My 1STory: Classics for the 21st Century

My 1STory: Fairy Tales Classics for the 21st Century

I love to read to my son and I'm so thankful that he loves books, but have you ever come across a book that you loved as a child and thought, "huh, that was kinda scary"? If you haven't, think about some of your favorite fairy tales for a minute. Think about Jack and the Beanstalk (scary giant), Goldilocks (three bears), Three Little Pigs (scary wolf), and Little Red Riding Hood (the wolf eats grandma!).


My 1STory: Fairy Tales Classics for the 21st Century


I'll be honest, I never thought about how scary the stories could be until I had a child. One night we were all laying in bed and The Boy wouldn't go to sleep so I told him that Daddy could tell him a story. He was intrigued and Daddy began (after giving me the eye for volunteering him ;)). He started with the Three Little Pigs and then moved on to Little Red Riding Hood and although it took both of us to remember the stories, we talked about it later how we were afraid that he would have nightmares after hearing those stories for the first time. Thankfully, my boy is not afraid of many things, but it did have me thinking.

Lil’ Riding Hood & Wolfie in I Love Cake!Lil’ Riding Hood & Wolfie in I Love Cake! • $12.99 • Ages 3 and up

Inside her basket, for her Grandma, is a home-baked cake that smells so good even sleeping Wolfie can sniff it. Wolfie can't resist cake and he runs to Grandma's house before Lil' Riding Hood gets there. The classic tale continues on course but with a happy ending of friendship, the importance of sharing and big slices of cake.
Jack's Beanstalks in Jack and the Magic BeansJack's Beanstalks in Jack and the Magic Beans • $ 12.99 • Ages 3 and up

A young giant named Beanie merrily chants Fe Fi Fo Fum with his stuffed toy Goosy and new friend Jack. They spend the day hopping from cloud to cloud. On his way back down the beanstalk Jack learns an important lesson about taking something without permission. All ends well and another beanstalk adventure awaits.

My 1STory Fairy Tales Classics for the 21st Century


My 1STory is a fun, entertaining collection of the world’s most renowned children's characters and stories. With all new character animation, story lines, games and activities, My 1STory hopes to win back the hearts of children around the world who have forgotten or may never have heard of these timeless characters. And with its nostalgic appeal, My1story reaches out to adults who recall fond childhood memories of storytelling and time spent with Mom and Dad. My 1STory successfully brings together the world's most renowned fairy tale characters under one cohesive and comprehensive brand. My 1STory president and co-founder Ricardo Venegas is also CEO of Snap Global Solutions with offices in the U.S., Hong Kong, and Vietnam. He's a former Disney Consumer Products executive responsible for business development throughout Latin America. Partner Jamie Rodriguez is the creator and co-founder of My1story. As a former executive at Disney Consumer Products Latin America in Miami, he was responsible for character art and product development. Following Disney he joined Snap Global Solutions to develop toys and entertainment. In addition, he has worked for various companies including The Disney Stores, Disney Theme Parks, Nickelodeon, Fox, Warner Bros., and Discovery Channel.


We Love the Stories

My boy loved hearing these stories and following along on the adventures of Lil' Riding Hood and Jack! The pictures are so adorable and he would even kiss the girl every now and then. We have read them several times and although he knows and loves the original stories, he is learning these stories and they don't get him riled up before bedtime. He has even "read" the stories to me a few times. :)

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You can find out more about My 1STory by visiting their website, where you can find all of the characters, games, and other fun things to do with your children. You can also follow along by becoming a fan of My 1STory on Facebook and @myfirstory on Twitter. Visit the My 1STory YouTube channel and see the latest video “Humpty’s Flying Adventure”.

I'm curious – Have you ever considered common Fairy Tales to be scary? Do you look at them differently now?!!


  1. All of the Grimms fairy tales are scary. I like the concept of these books.

  2. Eloquence says:

    You’re so right! That’s like the kid’s rhyme, ring around the rosie – talking about the plague. It’s scary!

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