My boy’s best friend: Good as new {Wordless Wednesday}

Last week I delivered some bad news to you all about my Boy's Best Friend and asked for support with your comments for my boy. It was a sad day…not to mention I was headed out of town so I couldn't comfort MY baby. Today, I have good news!!

Boy's best friend good as new

We found Baby's eye!! It turns out the dog didn't actually ingest the little eye and we found it on the floor. I did a little procedure and popped it back into place. My boy was so excited and said, "Mommy, he's good as new. I love you!".

I want to thank everyone who commented last week because I read each one to my boy and he was so proud that his baby made it on my blog!

Who is your girl or boy's best friend?!!


  1. Judy Gregory says:

    doggy person here. glad the doggy didn’t eat it vet bills are the worst

  2. Amber Faith says:

    Awesome news! My daughter has three loveys that she calls her babies!

    • janet says:

      It took my boy 3.5 years to find a “baby” and now he is so attached!

  3. Yay! Great news! So happy to hear it!

  4. Aww, I’m so glad you found it! I don’t have kids but my hubby has a stuffed monkey (golden lion tamarin) that he’s had since he was very young and he would be devastated if anything happened to it.

    • janet says:

      aww…that’s adorable!

  5. I am glad you foubd your little man’s best friend. I have to read your first post.

    • janet says:

      I hope you do…it was a sad story. 🙁

  6. My sons his his Croc Kojo from Zoobies that we where able to do a review for.

    • janet says:

      Aww..I have wanted to review Zoobies! They look so adorable!

  7. Greta says:

    Yay! He’s (he, right?) all fixed up!

    • janet says:

      Umm..yeah, he…I think…

  8. Gena says:

    awwwww! So glad he’s okay!

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