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Summertime Fun

{ice cream, water balloons, water guns}

ice cream

The Boy and I had a fun-filled Summertime weekend and we even let Daddy join us! On Saturday, we headed to the library for an End of Summer Ice Cream Party!!


water balloons

After ice cream, we were all invited out behind the library for a water balloon fight! My boy met two other children who were close to his size and the three of them stayed away from the "big kids". He had so much fun!!


water gun fight

On Sunday after church, the three of us headed outside in the heat for some water gun fights! The boy loved getting Daddy while Mommy was taking pictures, but as soon as the camera was put down, they ganged up on me!!


water gun fight

Daddy got The Boy back a little bit, though, and I was so relieved when he didn't scream or cry, but laughed!!


water gun fight over

We were sad when we had to stop, but too much of a good thing is bad (according to Howard B. Wigglebottom) so we all bathed and took a nap, then headed over to Papa's for dinner.

What type of fun activities are you and your children doing during Summertime?!!

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