Leading Lady Plus Size Bra Review {Full Figure, Nursing, Plus Size, & Maternity Bras}


Leading Lady {Full Figure, Nursing, Plus Size, & Maternity Bras}

There’s just nothing quite like a comfortable bra, but as a full-figured woman, finding a comfortable plus size bra can be difficult. I struggle with finding the right fit, adjusting the straps correctly, picking a bra that I will like, and I really have problems with paying a high price for a bra. Sometimes, though, you just have to look at quality and once you have that nice fitting bra, and you’re comfortable for the entire day, you realize that value is much more important than a $5 bra!!


leading lady plus size bra

That’s not me, but I wish!!

I found my favorite comfortable fitting plus size bra with Leading Lady’s Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra. I was hesitant to order a bra online because I have weird shapes and I’m so picky about size and color and fit. When I was slightly smaller, I would wear underwire, but as I gained (and especially after having my son) the wire would cut into me or I would have to adjust and bend them for a good fit.


Take a good measurement


Leading Lady is on a mission to help women find their ideal bra fit for ALL of their bra needs. I am no different than most women and I don’t know my true size. It was helpful to find the fit calculator on Leading Lady’s site. Of course, when it came time for me to measure, I couldn’t find a fabric tape measure and I wasn’t about to try measure my lady cushions with a metal tape measure. I came up with a brilliant solution! I found some ribbon that I was no longer using. I wrapped it around the two different areas that need measuring and cut two pieces of ribbon. I measured the difference between the two for my cup size and the shorter piece for my width and…voila! Yeah…I’m not revealing my size. Let’s just say – I need a plus size bra! 


Choose comfort over “cheap”


When you’re thinking about a plus size bra, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort just to save a buck. I mean, seriously ladies, aren’t we already uncomfortable enough being a plus size lady?!

My Leading Lady plus size bra is easily the most comfortable bra I have ever owned. I know you read my reviews sometimes and wonder if I’m honest because I received a product for review, but I can honestly say that my view on plus size bras – and on ordering them online as well – has changed. I no longer dread getting dressed in the morning because I have to put on a bra. When I get home in the afternoon from work, I am not walking in the door reaching for the clasp to take it off and breathe. This bra is comfortable! My lady cushions are comfortably sitting where they are supposed to and they don’t try to escape. My shoulders are protected and don’t have those horrible ridges in them after wearing the bra all day. The material is soft and the cushion is perfect, not too cushiony, not too rigid.


Your husband will love it


One of my husband’s biggest complaints when helping me shop for a plus size bra has always been that they don’t come in pretty colors and designs. He wanders over to the lace and strapless and push-up bras and I lead him back to the white and boring. Leading Lady has prettied up the plus size bra!

I chose this light blue bra because I like the color and I liked the style, but Hubby says that next time we order one, we are soooo getting the lace one in black! I say if he’s buying, I’m all for it!


About Leading Lady 


Leading Lady is a premiere intimate apparel company dedicated to creating comfortably functional, remarkably affordable, stylish and easy-to-wear bras, camis and sleepwear. A family owned and operated business, Leading Lady has been expertly tailoring nursing and full figure bras for top brands and retailers across North America for more than 70 years. For the first time, Leading Lady’s comprehensive line of nursing and full figure intimates – including sexy stretch lace wire-free and underwire bras, supportive and seamless sport and yoga bras, and cozy sleep and leisure bras – can be purchased directly on LeadingLady.com.

Leading Lady is proud to celebrate “Leading Ladies” everywhere through its products, programs and philanthropic activities. Leading Lady is dedicated to arming new moms with the support – physically, intellectually and emotionally – they need to nurture their babies through breastfeeding and committed to supporting a variety of organizations and issues relevant to women across the country. 


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Which plus size bra would you choose?!!

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  1. I actually have a hard time finding bras in my size since I’m technically plus sized as well. I hadn’t realized they carried regular bras for women like us. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I think the best thing I ever did was get fitted for a bra by someone who really knew what she was doing. I was amazed at what size I was and even more amazed I shelled out $70 for a bra but it has definitely been worth it! Glad you found something that works well for you too!

    • janet says:

      I’m still not convinced I picked the right size, but it is sooooo much better than my cheapo bras!!

  3. I love the Leading Lady brand! I have their nursing tanks and LOVE them! It is so surprising how many of us have worn the wrong size our whole life. It really is eye opening to have an actual fitting.

    • janet says:

      I’ll definitely be checking out the nursing bras and tanks when that time comes for me again!

  4. Tiffany Cruz says:

    Great write up. This post is making me want to go out and get fitted for a bra, measured by a professional and find the perfect bra.

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