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Easy and Fun Crafts with Colortime Crafts And Markers™ Recycle Tote

Colortime Crafts And Markers™

Colortime Crafts And Markers™


Do you have a child in your like who loves to color and create? You are going to love this craft project from Colortime Crafts And Markers™!!


My boy loved his Recycle Tote from Colortime Crafts And Markers™

My boy loves to color, anything and everything. We try to keep his coloring off the walls as much as we can, but sometimes he tags the wall or the bed or a piece of furniture. He was beyond excited when I showed him the Recycle Tote Bag and Markers from Colortime Crafts And Markers™ and I told him to color away!!

Recycle Tote and Markers from Colortime Crafts And Markers™


We put a small piece of cardboard inside the bag just in case the markers bled through the fabric. I love the message on the bag encouraging children to Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse. It’s never to early to learn that message!!



The Boy started coloring away and the markers were a great size for his little hands. The colors were bright and vibrant and held well on the fabric. There was no bleeding around edges or pooling of ink. It dried quickly so even when his hand rubbed across it, he didn’t get ink on him.


Recycle tote from Colortime Crafts And Markers™


We had a great time coloring together and unlike other fabric and markers projects this one was easy, fun, and not messy at all!!


Inside Recycle tote from Colortime Crafts And Markers™


I opened up the bag at see if the colors had bled through and you can see that very little made it through the fabric. This is a great bag and so much fun to personalize!!


Extra Color from Inside Recycle tote from Colortime Crafts And Markers™


Of course, my boy just saw extra coloring space. 😉 So…we colored some more!! Honestly, the two of us love coloring so much that we could color together for hours…

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What craft projects do you love to work on with your children?!!

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