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Be an Organized Blogging Babe with the Bubble Planner

Be an organized blogging babe at #BlogHer12 with @BubblePlanner

One thing I have learned about blogging in the past year is that most bloggers (including myself) have a million ideas running through their heads at all times and they are usually juggling a family, babies, work at home or work outside the home jobs, and running a successful household, in addition to running a successful blog. How in the world do all of these women (and men) keep track of their ideas, projects, jobs, daily life activities, birthdays, deadlines…without dropping a ball somewhere?!!

Bubble Planner | Attention Deficit Destroyer

"Don't let others burst the bubble of your dreams."

Discover what thousands of people already know – Bubble Maps help you make better decisions with the time you have.

When you look at my desk at work, you will see two sticky notes on a file cabinet, three on my computer screen, a few on the wall of my cubicle, and then other various notes spread around. I have a spiral notebook that I jot down notes and then I have two sets of tray files where I put various paperwork so I remember to look back at it. This is how my brain works!!

Activity Log in the @BubblePlanner

Most day planners work like a file cabinet. You write items down in a list and store that list. Often, you forget about the list.

The office where I work gives us a calendar every year and at the beginning of the year, you will see me write things down. After a few weeks, I store the calendar somewhere and forget to keep opening it. What good does that do me?! I have also tried day planners and list of “things to do” and very little seems to work for me. I tend to think all over the place…oh, that makes me think of something…rabbit trail…what was I doing again?!

By laying out your tasks like sticky notes on your desk, you tap into the hidden power of your short-term memory.

By laying out your tasks like sticky notes on your desk, you tap into the hidden power of your short-term memory. Aristotle called this affinity for remembering things by location the Method of Loci.

With all of the sticky notes everywhere, it is difficult to remember everything when I am on the go. Sometimes I am at work and think of a blogging goal or I may be at home and remember a deadline or idea for work. With the Bubble Planner in my bag at all times, I have the power of sticky notes at my fingertips without the mess and the chance of a sticky note being lost.

Bubble Planner Review #SeenintheCity @noisegirls

The Bubble Planner caught my eye because it was advertising as a left-handed planner, but it is so much more!! The bubble way of thinking is just right for me as I’m juggling a full time work outside the home job, a busy 4 year old who is starting to participate in activities, and a blog – called GoingCrazy!! I need something to reign in my crazy brain and keep all of my thoughts in one place.

I have really enjoyed getting to know the Bubble Planner and jotting down ideas and deadlines, goals and plans, and having it all at my fingertips. While I am not going to make it to BlogHer12, I am planning to attend the Houston Blogger Symposium in September and I am definitely going to have my Bubble Planner by my side.

Embrace your Visual Thinker

A few reasons you need this planner:

  • Unlike traditional calendars and planners, which focus primarily on tracking appointments, the Bubble Planner helps you to visually plan your days!
  • The Bubble Planner uses the concept of mind mapping to help you prioritize your goals in six key areas of your life: Family, Intellectual, Social, Health, Economic, and Spiritual.
  • The book itself is 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 in and is coil bound. The cover is laminated so it is sturdy enough to stand up to day to day wear and tear.

There are several different styles of Bubble Planner for Busy Women and for Students. Check out all of the styles and Embrace your Visual Thinking with Bubble Planner. Find out all the latest by following Bubble Planner on Facebook and Twitter @bubbleplanner.


  1. I love it, very organized!

  2. julie hawkins says:

    What a great way to plan!

  3. kelly nicholson says:

    organize me baby..this is a great gift idea

  4. This is a very unique way of doing things and I could see this not only good for a busy young family but also for elderly or disabled since it is much more visual!

  5. A very handy tool to stay organized “at-a-glance”!

  6. rilekat says:

    What a simple and cool way to keep organized.

  7. Very clever and different!

  8. This is perfect for people who think visually–what a great idea!

  9. Aranda Gibbs says:

    Love it! Unique.

  10. maggie king says:

    Looks awesome….this is def different than any other planners I’ve ever used…maybe this can replace my daytimer lol

  11. maria alvarado says:

    This is a great idea. Love it. I need this…

  12. chelesa sims says:

    I have never seen a planner like this. Maybe my problem why nothing works for me is because i have the wrong planner. I like how it has the inspiration and it works on the visual aspect on an individual. It looks like something I would enjoy using.

  13. Christina Graham says:

    I NEED one. I home-school, just started my own business, run the household, and am working on my MA!

  14. I’m definitely a visual person which is why I’m a list writer. I seriously write lists for EVERYTHING in my life! I’d be curious to see how this product works for me and my organizational skills.

  15. I love it! It helps with organization and who doesn’t need that? I love it for I like to see things to help me learn. My husband could sure use this too! Thanks for the great review. I have never heard of it before.

  16. rochelle haynes says:


  17. Toni Allen (@twst56) says:

    i would love to be organized, anything that would help is great. this looks interesting

  18. beeacutie2 says:

    never seen this! wow I like this idea!

  19. interesting concept and I also like that it opens all the way

  20. I’m a teacher and know that bubble format aides inn memory so this would be great

  21. jewelry4change says:

    Looks truly unique. I too have sticky notes all over my desk. The problem is that sometimes I misplace them… or put them in a pocket and they in up in the wash!

  22. Alisha Hodges says:

    This is different, but it looks like a fun way to stay organized.

  23. immortalb4 says:

    Visually planning my day might drive me more crazy but I’d love to think outside of the box and give it a go

  24. Oh I could so use one of these. I don’t have sticky notes, I have outlook reminders which only work if I am near the internet.

  25. I love to be organized, but sometimes I am scatterbrained because I am trying to do so many things at once. I’ll put the time on the timer at the oiven but forget to put it on – which can be dangerous

  26. I would love to get organized with a Bubble Planner :)

  27. Jenny Stanek says:

    My husband is a very visual person and I think this would be very helpful for him

  28. Rebecca Xavier says:

    This is a very unusual planner. I like the concept.

  29. interesting planner, back to basics i assume. haha

  30. Jill A. Collins says:

    LOL – makes me think of those standardized tests we took in school where you had to fill in the scantron sheet!

    • Haha!! I hadn’t thought about that, but yeah I guess so!

  31. Family could really use this

  32. Love that this product was well-thought-out!

  33. mglawler says:

    This is very cool! I could definitely use this!

  34. I think I may have a bubble planner somewhere. Haha! It’s a neat planner but I am extremely picky about the one I actually use.

  35. My mind is always on overdrive and this would be an excellent tool for me to get my thoughts organized. Ideas come at the strangest time!

  36. LOL, what a cute planner!

  37. That’s cool!! Why did they call it a left handed planner? My daughter is left handed and this might be good for her.

    • You know…I think it is because it opens up all the way like a spiral notebook AND because it taps into your right brain, but it’s not real clear on the website, actually!!

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