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Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike {Review}

Bicycoo Balance Bikes from @JoovyOO

Bicycoo Balance Bikes from Joovy

The Boy hasn’t started really trying to ride a bike yet even though we bought him one for his birthday. He has tricycles and a bicycle with training wheels and we have tried a few times on them. He just can’t master the art of pedaling. On top of not having the pedal coordination technique down, another problem I see with his current bicycle is the balancing act with the training wheels. He wants to learn to pedal, but when his feet leave the ground, the bicycle leans, and that scares him and everything just gets tense again. I get frustrated, he gets frustrated, and then we end up giving up. If he’s not willing to give up, he wants to walk the bicycle around, but then the pedals are just in the way.

The Bicycoo from Joovy can teach him to ride with confidence!! 

Bicycoo Balance Bike from @JoovyOO

I honestly had never heard of a balance bike until a friend of mine mentioned Joovy products and how much she loved them. I looked online and saw these and thought the idea was interesting. Joovy was awesome to send us one for review and The Boy nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw a “prize” on the porch and a picture of a new bike on the side!

I did a little research on the balance bike and especially read the Joovy Blog post on Balance Bikes vs. Training Wheels.

On the Go with Bicycoo

After a couple of days waiting for Hubby to put together the bike, I finally dove in one afternoon when I was home with the boy. I was shocked when I opened the box and it was so easy to put together. Honestly, you put the front wheel on, the handlebars together, and adjust the seat! The hardest part was getting the bike out the door before The Boy could go nuts!

He asked why there were no pedals, of course, and when I told him it was to make it easier for him to learn, he was all for it…and here’s how the first try went!!

Did you notice how easy it was on the first try?! The bike is lightweight (did you see the front tire come off the ground?) and it’s so easy to maneuver. He’s not quite ready for the feet off the ground and flying down the road, but I can’t wait to see the progress he can make now!!

The Joovy Bicycoo won design awards at Europe’s largest trade show. Simply put it is the best looking, best functioning balance bike on the market! The frame is made of aluminum so it is strong and lightweight just like high-end bikes. The lightweight frame makes controlling the bike much easier for kids, unlike the heavy wooden and steel versions. The tires are pneumatic (air) and refillable. Many balance bikes on the market use EVA plastic tires which are cheaper and wear out much quicker than these rubber tires used on the Joovy BicycooGT. The suspension qualities of pneumatic tires give kids a much smoother ride. There is also a hand brake for the rear tire. The seat is adjustable for a perfect fit for your child. The bike has 12″ tires and the overall dimensions are 33.50L x 16.25W x 21.50H. The weight is 8.75 lbs.


is a Dallas-based family business. Their goal is to “design and manufacture family gear products that are extremely useful, practical, good-looking and fun.” After speaking with a member of the family, you can hear the excitement in her voice about the products and the passion for what they do. Joovy believes their customers come first. And, how would you like a chance to win your own Bicycoo?!



  1. Coupon Slavy says:

    This looks perfect for my boys!!

  2. Gianna says:

    My son would love this!

  3. Diane Sallans says:

    this is an excellent idea to help kids get used to bikes

  4. Bronwyn Sch says:

    i have a balance bike for my little and he loves it. he zips along so fast i have to ride my bike to keep up with him

  5. Cassandra Eastman says:

    My 3 year old would love this, what a great product! I love that it doesn’t have pedals in the way so he could practice his balance! THanks for the review!

  6. Christa Krebs says:

    Awww!! I LOVE this! What an awesome bike for beginners!

  7. Carol L. says:

    First I loved your review and video. The little man had that look of being a “big boy’ on his new bike. :) The balance bike is such a great invention. After teaching 7 kids to ride the old fashioned way shows me how much easier it is to do with the Bicycoo.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  8. donna harris says:

    This would be perfect for my granddaughter when she is ready to ride a bike.

  9. my husband and I have been looking into bikes for my daughter .she has been asking for one. I think this would be good for her to teach her.

  10. Sylvia Esparza says:

    This would be perfect when my granddaughter comes to visit. She is currently using the tricycle that we had for her Mom. Needless to say it is getting old and she needs something more updated. Very cute.

  11. Jessica says:

    OMG! The picture is worth a thousand words. They look like a little biker gang! I absolutely adore this product. Thank you for sharing.

  12. rj7777 says:

    This looks so neat to get them to feel how to ride the bike. So cute!! Thanks for the video it helps explain it well. Great review!

  13. meme says:

    I think this will help my little one who doesn’t like pedals right now and is very Leary about bikes

  14. ronda peyton says:

    this would be great for my grandson he would love it

  15. tami s says:

    I’d love this for m grandson. What a great product to alleviate the fear that comes with learning to ride a bike

  16. Teri Hardy says:

    I could so see my 2 year old having fun with one of these.

  17. pollylee says:

    this will be perfect for our grandson when he gets a bit older….

  18. Meaghan m says:

    I’d love to teach my son on this!

  19. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Love that this bike is made for kids, the size is lower and seems to have better balance. Means less falling!!!

  20. Nicole says:

    Another year or so and I will getting one of these. Just a great idea

  21. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    Love he balance bike vs training wheels; so much more practical in the long run. Joovy makes such cute products.

  22. Kecia says:

    I like the idea of promoting balance with this bike. I cannot wait for my son to be old enough for bike riding, but I think we may start with a balance bike like this!

  23. I love that it allows the child to learn at their own pace

  24. desitheblonde says:

    the little boy who lost his houre in the fire here would love this i could let him have it instead of the wooden horse

  25. wendy says:

    this would be great for my daughter she could learn to balance

  26. Bee C. says:

    That’s really neat–sounds like it would be great to teach them balance.

  27. Mariah says:

    Fabulous video! I think my little man would love one of these when he gets a bit older!
    Mariah recently posted..Save Lives with La Roche-PosayMy Profile

  28. I love that picture! I cannot believe how far bikes have come since my day.

  29. Laura Love says:

    This is great. I love that Joovy is a Dallas based business, since that is where my husband’s family is.

  30. I guess I still don’t get how kids ride this bike. They just push it along with their feet? Where does the balance part come in? I’m a little confused.
    Tammy Allgood-Hemmerling recently posted..Lucky Emerald’s Giveaway Linky (New Format!)My Profile

    • janet says:

      Well, my boy hasn’t learned to balance it yet, but if they sit on the seat and push then lift their feet…they go rolling and have to balance on two wheels. It’s the same thing as a regular bike, but they don’t have to have the coordination to work the pedals and the pedals don’t get in their way. Staci’s daughter at 7onashoestring did a little better. Check out her video –>

  31. Rebecca Wood says:

    I really like the idea of a balance bike instead of a tricycle. I feel like it really helps children be better prepared for bike riding! Plus, it is an exercise in balance and coordination!

  32. Jan Messali says:

    What a great way to teach kids to balance. It’s nice that it has the hand break for the back tire as well.
    Jan Messali recently posted..Summer Fun Giveaway Hop (US)My Profile

  33. Danielle Papsis says:

    I liked that you included a video clip in your review. I’ve heard of these balance bikes but really couldn’t imagine how they “worked”. The Balance Bikes really are a confidence booster too!

  34. I love that it’s perfect for children not yet ready to ride a bike. It allows them to build their confidence while playing with the other kids. Awesome!
    Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay recently posted..Asurion Amazon Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  35. Janet W. says:

    My grandson won’t try to use pedals yet so this would be perfect for him! Great, unique product!

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