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Around this time last year, I started to learn about blogging as a hobby, extra income, and a career. It's hard to believe that it has only been one year, but it's true. I started watching the show, Extreme Couponing, and was instantly addicted. I did a search online for "coupon class", or something like that, and came across a coupon blog. There was a big flashy sign that said "FREE UPDATES BY EMAIL!!" so I signed up. Shortly after that, this blog linked to another blog that had different coupon match-ups and again, "FREE UPDATES BY EMAIL!!" so I signed up again.

I am not quite sure when it happened, but at some point I read an article about opening an email account specifically for newsletters (and I think it mentioned for entering sweepstakes)…so I did!! I started a Gmail account for my husband and me to get newsletters so our regular email inbox would not get full. Shortly after that, I started thinking about my own coupon blog so I went ahead and started a Gmail for myself with couponing in mind.

Then, I discovered Giveaways!!

This was the demise of my Gmail Inbox. I entered giveaways like nobody's business and if there was an option to get "FREE UPDATES BY EMAIL", I was signing up AND confirming!!

In August 2011, I started this blog and since Google Owns The World (my own personal belief), then I ended up using that Gmail account for the beginning of Google related to my blog. Why am I telling you all of this?

I'm drowning in emails and I need help!!

My original Inbox

This is what my Inbox looked like recently. Please pay special attention to the 6,562 emails in my Inbox – not counting the 247 Spam emails that are likely additional blog newsletters that I need to go thru so my fellow bloggers don't get marked as Spam!!

I'm a friendly blogger and a Giver

Once I subscribe to something, it is sometimes difficult for me to unsubscribe. I know what it feels like to count on numbers of subscribers as "stats" for my blog. I also know what it feels like when I get an Unsubscribe email that says  " has unsubscribed to your email newsletter". I just want to email that person and ask, "WHY? DON'T YOU LIKE ME ANYMORE…?!!"

It is also a little tedious to unsubscribe to all of the emails because you have to go into the email, find the unsubscribe link, sometimes answer why you want to unsubscribe, and confirm. I usually start to feel bad somewhere in one of those clicks and end up keeping "just that one".

I have over 400 email subscriptions!! I need Help!!

UnRollme End Email Overload

I was asked to try out this week and talk about how it can help me organize, simplify, clean up my email life. I immediately thought about my Gmail account that I rarely open (because it's that scary) so I gave it a try.

Allow Unrollme to gain access to your Gmail

The best thing about Google Owning the World is that they make it simple to allow access to your Gmail account with apps like so I clicked Allow and started my Rollup.

Unrollme Guide t Get Started

While things were Rolling Up, I watched the Guide for some helpful tips on organizing my Daily Rollup and Unsubscribing at the click of a button.

My original Rollup 437 Subscriptions

My Original Rollup had 437 subscriptions!! Sadly, that was not all of them because I got stuck at 15% and I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, but the timer at the bottom just kept spinning.

I decided to go with it just to see what happened and started "playing" with my Rollup.

Sort emails by category had my subscriptions sorted by category so I could pick and choose what I wanted to see at any moment.

Unsubscribe with one click

As I was looking through the emails, I found a few semi-important ones about my domain expiring or Google emails. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and Unsubscribe to those email subscriptions that I don't read (and the ones that I also subscribe to with my blog email so that I can actually read them when I have time). has an easy One-Click Unsubscription so I was able to breeze right through and unsubscribe without feeling that pang of guilt. **To my fellow bloggers, I apologize…I had to do it!!

Change the time for Rollup

I was also able to change the time for my Rollup. There are 3 options, but I ultimately chose for the morning just because I have the most time for email in the mornings.

Are you curious to see my Inbox now?!!

New Inbox

Now, isn't that just pretty?!! I have noticed that it is not catching all of the subscriptions yet so I'm hoping I can play around with it a little more, but THIS Inbox is much more manageable. I am okay with Google Owning the World again thanks to :)

Why not try out for yourself now? Only Gmail is currently supported at right now, but you can find out all of the latest by connecting on Facebook or on Twitter @unrollme!!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. All experiences and opinions are 100% own. #CBias #SocialFabric

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  1. Tash says:

    I NEED this! My email account scares the bejeebies out of me!! I try to keep it as organised as I can but it doesn’t always work out

  2. I wish too that it was available for other email, but gmail is a start
    Lena – @elenka29 recently posted..Science of Snacking – ReviewMy Profile

  3. Bonnie says:

    Oh, this is truly wonderful. Sadly my email box(es) looks just like yours. So afraid I will miss emails from potential clients. It actually stresses me out! Keep us updated and I truly hope it works.
    Bonnie recently posted..Enter the Summer Solstice Giveaway! (ends 6/24) #SummerSolsticeMy Profile

  4. Monica says:

    I’m pretty on top of my gmail account it’s my personal yahoo account that I’m slightly intimidated by. So unroll get on the ball and add yahoo already, lol.
    Monica recently posted..Are Our Children’s Life Events Our Own?My Profile

  5. I wish this was available for yahoo and hotmail. I have over 1400 emails in my inbox. I so need something like that.
    Clarinda Olenslager recently posted..Amazingly Amazon Giveaway Hop Sign-ups OpenMy Profile

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