Top 5 Anxiety Provoking Situations

Today at work I had a conference with my boss, which happens about every other month, so I was really nervous and scared. I don't know why I do that to myself every time. He comes in and we chat for an hour and he tells me I'm doing a good job and he appreciates my work and then it's all over. I do good work and I get along with everyone, but I just get all jittery and scared every time he says he wants to come conference. It doesn't help that he is over two hours away and we rarely talk on the phone. I don't work in the same office with others in my "Unit" so I'm pretty much on my own to stay self motivated. I think he just likes to touch base, face to face, to keep acquainted. 

There are lots of things in my life that make me nervous and cause me anxiety. Basically when I told Hubby that I was going to write a post about "a time when I was jumpy and nervous" he said "you mean every day of your life". 🙁 Instead of trying to pick out one instance, I have compiled a list.

Top 5 Anxiety Provoking Situations

Top Five Anxiety Provoking Situations

#5 – Work

My full time day job is with Child Protective Services and my title is Child Safety Specialist. Basically, I read all day and provide consultation and recommendations for ensuring children are safe. Everything about this job is a little anxiety-provoking, but what really makes me jumpy and nervous is the conference calls that I have to facilitate. I have a huge social phobia!! Thankfully, I don't have to do these calls very often.

Is there anything about your work that makes you jumpy and nervous?

#4 – Family

Many people can probably say their family causes some anxiety. My family is fairly relaxed so, for the most part, things just run smoothly. However, I am a Daddy's girl and now that I am back in the same hometown as my dad, I am always worrying about making him proud or doing right by him. My dad is pretty well known in town so I'm always thinking of his image as well as my own when I'm in the public eye. This also doesn't happen very often, but I got into trouble recently and when Hubby told me he had to call my dad, I was extremely jumpy and nervous!! 

What about your family makes you jumpy and nervous?

#3 – Blog Blog Blog

Every second of every day, I am thinking about this blog. I want to make it great. I want to produce good content for my readers. I want to do a good job!! There is so much to do to make a blog successful that you could stay online and working on it 24/7 and there will always be something else to work on. There is always tons of email to read and posts to write, opps to apply for and networking to do. I tend to think way too much about writing a post because I want it to be perfect. I want to write the best reviews and make the perfect so I tend to procrastinate. Then, I get nervous because things are late and that makes me go paralyzed and get further behind…it's a vicious cycle. As for jumpy and nervous, I think Twitter parties make me the most jumpy and phone interviews (or anything in person) make me the most nervous!!

Bloggers, what about your blog makes you jumpy and nervous?

#2 – Money

I am always, always worried about having enough money. Can I provide what my son needs? Will we be able to give him a rich, well-rounded life with sports and fun events? Am I spending our money appropriately? I have learned to use coupons for grocery shopping and save money in our family activities. I am always looking for ways to start saving money for college so we will be prepared as The Boy gets older. Hubby and I work hard and we are basically Middle Class wage earners. We are almost comfortable and this blog is inching us toward more comfort!! So, hey, if you want to help with that…look for ads, click them, buy something…it might help!! 😉

Does money management make you jumpy and nervous?

#1 – Time

Every mom, blogger, and mom blogger worries about the balance between family, work, home, and blog. It's just so hard to find that balance!! I worry about finding time to play with my son, relax with my husband, work on my marriage, clean my house {my husband usually does this part}, work on my blog, think of some creative post for the newest trend in posting…oh, and sleep {what is that again?}. Time constraints only really make me jumpy and nervous when I'm trying to reach a deadline, The Boy needs a bath and really only wants to sit on my head, Hubby is exhausted from working on his feet all day, and I haven't had more than three hours of sleep and really need some coffee. Those are the times when I wish I was better at time management!!

Do you get jumpy and nervous when you think about time balancing?

All of these things may cause me anxiety, but I know that while I am in charge of my decisions and responses, the real control belongs to God and I can just hand it all over to Him. Ah, now THAT never makes me jumpy and nervous!!



  1. Nichelle C. says:

    Are you the trouble maker at your job? IJS or do you just have a crazy boss that nit pick at work because they have not power at home.

  2. I loved the format of this post, I’ll have to remember it for next time!

    Also, I’m glad I’m not the only person that stresses about blogging lol 😛

    • janet says:

      What do you mean by the format, haha?! I think if you’re not concerned about making your blog good, then why are you doing it. 🙂

  3. Oh, I completely empathize! I can be very jumpy about all those things and more. Making things worse, my middle child has autism and is constantly worried about everything and I have to constantly settle him down…even though sometimes I’m jumpy about the same things he is!

    • janet says:

      You are what I call a Super Mom!! Bless you!!

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