To BlogHer or Not To BlogHer {My glass is half full!!}

I wish I was going to BlogHer '12

I cannot explain how excited and nervous and freaking out worried I am right now because there is actually a chance I might be going to BlogHer in New York!! 

I was talking to some friends from BloggerPR today and Kim from Tales of a Ranting Ginger mentioned that she had a friend who was looking to sell her BlogHer ticket for an Early Bird price. Nicole from MamaNYC said she was interested just before I had the chance, but then she said that I could try first since she might already have a contact selling a ticket. So…Tara from Tara's View of the World emailed me and offered the ticket!!

As you all know, just a ticket to BlogHer is just not enough for the whole conference. I'm in Texas so I am going to need a plane ticket, a ride (MamaNYC already offered me a ride to the hotel so maybe I don't need this), and a hotel room for 3-4 nights, food, and you know there will be more expenses!! I've never been to New York so you know I just want to BE there and I do NOT want to be strapped for cash!!

I have a potential sponsor that might be able to help with some expenses, but I don't know yet how much they can offer.

Then, there's the family's expenses…

I stopped by my dad's shop today to get pricing on an A/C for the Jeep because we are dying in this heat and that's $600 at least. The brakes may be squealing so I'm thinking it's time to just get them fixed before they actually have a problem which is around $200. I do have some money coming in from some blogging gigs and I have some Amazon codes that I could trade a friend for cash…but should I JUMP in?!! 

I talked to Hubby a little about it tonight and he says rather than be bummed about only have part of the puzzle (glass half empty) that I should totally be stoked about how close I am to getting to BlogHer (glass half full!!). I know you all may not know this well, but this is NOT like Hubby at all!! I am usually the optimist and he is the pessimist…and now I'm so stinkin' excited because this means that he may actually be on board with me going…if I can get it all pulled together.

I need encouragement!!  ♦  I need ideas for putting this puzzle together!!  ♦  I need SPONSORS!!



  1. Sorry to hear it. But, if you start planning for next year now, then maybe you will have all your ducks in a row and you will be relaxed and enjoy it more with less “stress”.
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  2. I sure hope you are able to attend. I am going for my first time. The difference is that I live in NY (on LI) but work in Manhattan, so I am familiar with it. I was wrestling with whether or not I wanted to get a hotel or commute 2 hrs each way each day…I think it would ruin the experience for me and I wouldn’t be able to stay for the parties etc…I opted to go for it and got a room. My hubby was on board with me going and stayingas well. I am excited and NERVOUS all at the same time … Keeping good thoughts for you…

    • Unfortunately, after a weekend of wrestling with it, I believe we have decided it is a No-Go. I think I need to start planning now for next year, though!! I agree with you that I would not want to commute every day, especially 2 hours!! Have Fun and I’ll be dreaming of BlogHer… ;)

  3. Put it out into the universe and you might be surprised with what you get back!! I so hope you can come. Then we can have drinks together. Or maybe just the free breakfast or brunch BlogHer provides. Don’t worry about extra expenses… you’ll be wined and dined very well and if you’re lucky enough to score some swag you’ll have gifts for everyone too!
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