All the money in the world will not give you more time to do it all

time and moneyTime and money – it's what we all think we want,  it never feel like we have enough.

What is something you'd like to jump into if you had more time and/or money?

When I first started working in the child protection field, there were major changes going on. Big wigs were visiting the offices and asking questions about resources and training and what would make our jobs easier. I was so new to it all that when I was interviewed, I could only answer for my training experiences and those were frustrating enough. Several of coworkers mentioned higher pay or more staff or more staff with higher pay.

Honestly, now that I have been doing this for eight years, there is only two things I can think of…increase the number of hours in the day – or – make people stop hurting their children!! There just isn't enough time in the day to do it all…and no amount of money can fix that.

So, now that I got THAT out of my system… What would I do…?


If I had more time in the day, I would play with my boy, clean my house, wash my laundry, do crafts with my boy, blog all of my 956,000 ideas that I have running through my mind, make dinner for my husband, make a date with my husband, have a conversation with my husband…


If had more money, I would help my husband jump in to a restaurant!! My husband, The Food Nut, has dreams of owning his own restaurant. His cooking style, prior to meeting me, was American Nouveau Cuisine, but he says his restaurant now in our small East Texas town would be Diner food "on steroids. 🙂 He has dreams of a restaurant called Goobers (our son's nickname) and our son walking around greeting people and handing out rolls. It sounds like such a sweet dream and if I had faith that we could make it financially, we would be jumping in!!

What would YOU do if you had more time and money?



  1. Deborah Michelle says:

    If I had more time and money I would travel the world and photograph my experiences! Of course I would love to bring along my family too!

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