Super Savings Super Moms Can Use {Guest Post}

Super Mom Saving MoneyBeing a mom isn’t always easy but it sure can be rewarding. On that same train of thought, being a super saving mom isn’t always easy but it can also be rewarding, financially. The trick is finding ways to do this realistically these days.

We’re not talking about great stock tips or where best to invest all your extra money because those of us on a budget need real life financial tips J

If this sounds more like you, here are some quick tips to consider:

  • Search Before You Shop – Aside from the obvious coupons you may get in your paper or even your email inbox, you can do simple searches for certain products or stores. For instance, if you are about to head to your favorite craft store to stock up on supplies to keep the kids busy through summer – do a search specific to the craft store near you. It is possible to locate printable deals that you may not find anywhere else.
  • Get Serious Before You Decide – Although certain tasks that require your money can be a chore and you would rather have it out of the way, you need to have all of your information in front of you before you make a final financial choice. Major purchases for the house or tasks like getting home, renters or car insurance should be made by comparing prices before agreeing to anything. A little patience and some easy to use price comparing sites can save you a great deal in the long run.
  • Use a “Deal-Of-The-Day” Offer Site – The new trend in savings is sites that offer different deals of the day. Most are geared towards your area so you may find a discount for as much as half off of your local kid’s amusement park. You may even be able to afford a mommy’s day out at the spa by using these sites. Keep in mind you pay in advance and there is usually a cutoff date the deal must be used by, but it can be well worth the savings.
  • Try Something New – You can find coupons and sometimes even freebies for new products, merchandise and even food items. When companies want to promote their newest product they often try to entice potential users away from their regular favorite brand. If you are willing to break away from what’s usually your favorite to try something for free you may even find a new favorite.

Most importantly, keep your eyes open to how other super moms are finding super savings!

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