Fun Summer Activities: Make A Child’s Recipe Book

Now that summer is in full swing, parents of school-age children are looking for activities, crafts, busy work, whatever…to keep these children occupied. In Texas, we are expecting some 100+ degree weather so sometimes outdoor activities are out of the question. I want to thank Sarah for visiting my blog and providing this fun activity to keep your children from getting so bored. My son loves to cook with his daddy so when he gets just a little older, this will be a great activity for us!!

Before last spring, I didn’t really even know what a blog was. Now, I am a blog owner. Sometimes we get lucky when we least expect it. Blogging was never in my plans. It has now become a way for me to earn money, and most importantly, find some great friends!

Today, writing a blog is something that I can’t imagine ever giving up in my life. Since you’re reading Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!!, I’m guessing that you’ve felt that way at least a few times in your life. Sometimes when parents think about summer vacation from school, they start to panic!

What are we going to do with the kids?

Even the most patient parents know that you have to keep the kids busy. Here is a budget-friendly learning activity that you can do with your child to keep them occupied, and maybe even help prepare them for success next school year. For some of you, I might be stating the obvious. However, it’s always good to have a reminder of some of your favorite activities to do with the kids, and get some new ideas, too!

Make A Child’s Recipe Book!

If you’re like me, you have a lot of cookbooks sitting around. How often do you use yours? Here’s a great idea to help you get organized and re-discover your favorite recipes.

This is a multidisciplinary activity that is both fun and educational. Cooking and following recipes can help students with reading, math, science, and even social studies!

Start out by having your child look through your cookbooks. Mark a few recipes that you both find interesting and would like to make with sticky notes. Your child can do this independently depending on his or her abilities.

Once you have selected several recipes, start making a personal recipe book.

Use construction paper and any art supplies you have on hand to make and decorate the book. Your child can practice his or her handwriting by copying a new recipe on to each page. After you prepare the dish together, he or she can draw a picture in the recipe book of what you made.

You can use this type of booklet for many different projects such as scrapbooks, cards, and photo albums. Make a yearbook or memory album from the past school year. Have your child remember and record his or her accomplishments in sports or other activities. There are so many possibilities for the summer activities that are educational and fun, too!

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