Nutritious “Cheat Treat” with @Quaker Soft Baked Bars

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With Summer coming on full speed ahead, and The Boy playing T-ball for the next month, Hubby and I are quickly reminded of how much we have let go of ourselves and gives us the motivation to get back in gear with our weight loss. We've finally given up on our previous plan due to the travel (one hour drive with no A/C) and we're hoping to start up with a similar program in our town on June 1 (payday ;)).

One of the biggest problems that Hubby and I share is our huge sweet tooth. After every meal, we are looking at each other wondering what will be our dessert. To solve that problem this time around, we are searching for wholesome food and healthier snacks that we can also use for our dessert.

Hubby works in a grocery store so he always sees the newest treats and he noticed these Quaker Soft Baked Bars recently showing up on the shelves. He loves oatmeal in any way, shape, or form so this caught his eye. 

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We were in the store this past weekend and read a little about the bars. These bars are made with real fruit and nuts, are high in fiber, and contain 20% of the daily recommended value of five different B vitamins (all very important for our diet!).  Because the diet is high protein, these are a great option with 6 g of protein too!

The Banana Bread would likely be my favorite flavor and I love that they are soft. This would remind me of cake or, if for breakfast, a muffin. Yum!!

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The Boy loves his cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but the Cinnamon Pecan Bread would be a much better option for his breakfast snack. Sometimes in the morning, we are rushing around to get out the door and he could easily grab this soft bar and take it in the car or to daycare.

Of course, Hubby (and his chef side) was thinking of ways he could spruce them up for a tasty treat. He mentioned frozen fat free cool whip scooped out like ice cream over a warm baked bar.

Quaker Soft Baked Bars a la mode!!

Have you seen these in your grocery store? Which do you think would be your favorite flavor? Who in your family would enjoy the Quaker Soft Baked Bars?


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