New Projects Coming {My Boy, the Movie Star}

I've never been really big on changes, but new projects…that's fun stuff!! I like to find something that works for me and just stick with it, but I get a little bored and like to change things up (on my terms, of course). Don't get me wrong, I like a challenge from time to time, but when things are too drastic too fast…I'm likely to bail!!

Yesterday I talked about jumping right in with both feet, and now here I go again!!

Recently, I started a YouTube channel so I could post a funny little Happy Ham Dance from my son during a shopping trip and then my mind started thinking. I know there is some interest in the blogosphere for video reviews (vlogs) so I have been talking to my son about making videos. He's quite a HAM so of course he is ready.

I started out with this tiny clip of him on a PlasmaCar that we won from Mommy Who Loves Giveaways just after Christmas.

So begins the video reviews!! I made a video of The Boy playing with his Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack and I hope to have that posted later today or tomorrow, but if you want a sneak peek, head over and subscribe to my YouTube channel and check it out!!

Do you have a YouTube channel so you can make video reviews or do you like to watch video reviews from other blogs? My next step is to learn how to edit them…Do you have any tips?!!



  1. Do you have Windows Live Movie Maker? I use that to edit videos all the time!

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