My Husband, The Food Nut

Hubby says that he became a chef because when people eat his food and look happy, THAT is his Intense Joy. This really works for our relationship because I like to eat, but hate to cook. 🙂

I have been encouraging Hubby to post more on The Food Nut, but so far he’s been stalling. Maybe if I post this “round-up” of his foods – and he gets good interaction – then he will be more encouraged!!

So for now, enjoy these foods and tonight we are making Coney Dogs from National Coney Island!!

Before I met Hubby, I was very much a “cereal freak”.

#PostCFK Bowls of Hope

Last year, I was given the opportunity to be featured on Formula Mom’s Sweet Saturday, which really meant that Hubby was featured. I love his Green Tea Cheesecake so he made it a little different this time and made a Mango Tea Cheesecake…yum!!

Mango Tea Cheesecake

The most “Unusual” food that Hubby ever made for me. 

The King’s Bread Pudding {Unusual Bacon Dessert}

The Kings Bread Pudding {Petit Jean Meats Unusual Bacon Dessert}

Jennie-O Turkey Burgers for the #JennieOCFK Make the Switch with @Champions4Kids (I actually made these!!)

Jennie-O Turkey Burgers

Homemade Pizza from The Food Nut and The Boy


What is your favorite recipe from your significant other? What gives YOU intense joy?



  1. I coming over for dinner!

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