My Friend Paris Book Series Review

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You know, by now, that my family loves to read. I read so much as a child and I am so happy that my boy loves books too. Any chance I get to review children’s books, I am always excited. This series is even more fun because it teaches my boy about traveling to different places that Hubby and I may never get to take our boy.

My Friend Paris book series

My Friend Paris book series

Written and illustrated by a now fourteen year old author, the books follow the lead character, a little California preteen girl named Paris, through various family events, including the birth of twin baby sisters, and vacations to France, San Francisco, LA., etc.

We received three books from the series and The Boy was excited to get started on reading them. He did mention to me that they might be for girls, but I told him that we could pretend that we were going on the trips (and he loves going on trips) so he was cool with that. 😉

Paris Goes to Los Angeles 

Paris Goes to Los Angeles

The first book we read was Paris Goes to Los Angeles. I love how the books are just like Paris telling a story. We liked seeing all of the adventures and fun events that Paris does while in LA and Hollywood. The story is fun and informative because she talks about landmarks and how she and her twin sisters enjoy different parts of the city. The twins want to see Walt Disney’s star on the Hollywood walk and they ride surreys in Santa Barbara. This one, in particular seemed like a fun vacation!!

Paris Goes to Lake Tahoe

Paris Goes to Lake Tahoe

The next book we read was Paris Goes to Lake Tahoe. This was a fun family vacation story that talked about the different times of the year that they go to Lake Tahoe. Sometimes Paris goes there to ski or during the summer to play at the lake. She likes the lights in Reno and getting her dad’s favorite pie at Ikeda’s on the way. I really love this family picture of them watching the fireworks because you can tell – at least in Paris’ eyes – that her family is very loving and warm. The Boy said that we need to have more kids in our family so we can all sit on a rug and watch fireworks. :)

My Twins First Birthday

My Twins First Birthday

This book is just plain adorable. Paris’ twin sisters are turning one and she is throwing them a party!! The Boy really liked this one because it talked about a party and the babies ate cake and got messy, but I really enjoyed this one because I can remember being young and feeling like I was working so hard to make sure my little sister had a fun time. Paris talks about the planning and buying gifts, then the party, and finally how exhausted she feels. It’s just so darn cute!!

More from the Paris Series 

Other My Friend Paris Books

The Paris books are so much fun and I would love to own them all!! I guess truthfully, I probably enjoyed them slightly more than The Boy so maybe he was right about them being for girls, but I was able to introduce him to some places that he may never see (as a child, at least) so I think they are great. He did love the illustrations and has read them a couple of times now. Maybe when he is a little bit older, and travels a little more, then he will really understand why I love them so much. Maybe, just maybe, we can take him to one of these places and then he will remember when we read about them!!

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