Jump In and Make an Impact

Are you good with remembering names? What about just faces? I’m terrible at it!! My husband and I moved back to my hometown just before we had our son and I see people almost daily that I went to school with and I cannot remember their names. It’s so embarrassing!!

People come and go in our lives every day. Some make a small impact while others make huge impacts after only being around for a short time. Let me tell you about a few people who have “jumped” into my life – and how they impacted me.

Susan M. – She jumped into my life when I started working with Child Protective Services and she makes an impact on me to this day. Susan was the Assistant District Attorney for the county I worked in during 2004. She and I worked so closely together on cases to keep children safe. She believed in me and told me that I was doing so well… I didn’t believe it. I saw Susan this week at a work conference in Austin. She worked for CPS now and she is my boss’ boss’ boss. 🙂 Thankfully, she remembers me and we stopped to have a short conversation about what I do for work now. I told her that I was finally in a position where I feel confident. She and I remembered how timid and unsure I was back then and she said “but you were soooo good and I didn’t get it!”. I might see Susan once a year, but she is a HUGE reason I lasted in this line of work for so long.

Courtney – this person probably doesn’t even know that she has “jumped” into my life and made the impact that she has…I should probably tell her. 😉 Courtney is the blogger who writes My Crazy Savings. I started reading Courtney’s blog when I began couponing and learning how to live a frugal life. One day, Courtney wrote a post called Why I Blog and this triggered me to email her to ask her about blogging part time. She gave me some advice on starting it all…and the rest…is history… 😛

Howard – my husband – jumped into my life on May 1, 2007. If you haven’t yet, I HIGHLY recommend that you read My Family Story. I had the best time writing it and I love when others read it.

Who has “jumped” into your life lately? Who “jumped” in and made an impact? I would love to hear about them!!

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