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Jump for Joy {Dancing with a Princess}

There aren’t many things in this world that would make me Jump for Joy, but I’m always entertained when my boy is around. I spent the majority of the day on Sunday chasing my boy around a hotel in Dallas, waiting for my brother-in-law’s wedding to begin. Hubby was in the wedding so we arrived about 3pm and the ceremony didn’t start until 6:30pm. Luckily, my sister-in-law brought a portable DVD player for her daughter so The Boy got to watch Little Mermaid.

The Boy and his cousin watching a DVD before the wedding

After a long wait and an even longer ceremony, it was time to party. I had been bribing The Boy all day that if he would be a big boy and a sweet boy that he could dance with the princess. After dinner, the music was going and the lights were out and he was ready to dance. He had to start with a dance alone – the princess was a little busy.

Finally, it was time to dance with the princess!!

But, the biggest JUMP FOR JOY was when Daddy got out of his tuxedo and the boys were able to boogie!! They even took the opportunity to shake a tushy for Mommy!! 😛

What makes YOU jump for joy?!!


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