Making Summer Moving Time Easier with Cablemover

Cablemover wants to help make the transition from one home to another easier

Last week, we were talking about Summer Moving Tips and I introduced you to I told you how this service was so simple and you just enter your address and you are automatically hooked up to all of the moving services in your area. This week, I was given the chance to interview David Gregg, New Product Journalist, about his involvement with and find out about some of his expert moving tips.

David Gregg from Cablemover.comDavid Gregg is a New Product Journalist. His contributions can currently be seen and heard on television, radio, print and the web. He originally cut his broadcast teeth as an on-air sales host at both QVC’s Q2 channel and HSN. During his TV segments, David combines his likeable personality and gift of objectively simplifying complex information, while introducing new consumer products. He is a regular in-studio guest on major market television stations across the country, among them: WPIX-New York, WAGA-Atlanta, WLS-Chicago, WTVJ-Miami, KARE-Minneapolis and has been seen nationally on – Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends,” The Daily Buzz, Daytime, CNN, BetterTV, ABC’s “The View” and The Discovery Channel. David has also been a featured contributor for over 6 years on CBS News – “The Early Show” and his articles have appeared in national publications such as Best Magazine, Women’s World and Get Married magazines. David’s online home is at, where he is currently the senior editor.

How did you get involved with CableMover?

I was introduced to the folks involved with the CableMover initiative through a friend involved in the public relations industry. was looking for a person capable of simplifying and communicating all of the features and benefits of their free service to the entire country via all media platforms (web/TV/radio/print).

How far in advance should one start planning a move?

Six months is probably best, but you really do need a minimum of 2-3 months in advance. This time window will allow you to purge the items you don’t need to move as well as organize all of the elements of a move in order to save money, avoid rushing, pack, pre-plan for the services you will need to disconnect in your current residence and schedule activation/connection in your new home.

What are the top five mistakes people make when moving? 


  1. Do not proactively organize/prioritize activities involved with their move.
  2. Forget to make an inventory of all items being packed.
  3. Skip checking references (Better Business Bureau) of their moving company.
  4. Do not properly pack delicate items.
  5. People forget to schedule the disconnection of current services (cable TV, phone, internet, electric, gas, etc…) and schedule the activation of these services in their new residence.

What are the top five money saving tips for people planning a move? 


  1. For long distance moves, use a “pack your own container service” like PODS instead of a professional moving van service.
  2. Negotiate the mileage rate in advance on a one way do-it-yourself moving van rental.
  3. Don’t buy your moving boxes. Go to your local schools and ask the janitor to save boxes for you.
  4. Bring your old electronics (TV’s, desktop computers, cell phones) to a big box electronics retailers (I.E. Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy) so they can responsibly recycle them for you. Many of these retailers will provide you with gift cards as a thank you!
  5. Go to and enter the zip code of the area you are moving. The results will provide you with current deals available to lock in discounts on bundling your phone, TV and internet services in your new home.

How does make moving less stressful? is a one stop, free resource, that provides all the information anyone would ever need to organize and execute a move while minimizing the stress and saving money associated with a change of residence. And most importantly, it allows you to pre-schedule the disconnect of your current services and the installation of your television, phone and internet with one phone call.

What’s your dream for your business?

That everyone has a well planned move. This dream will minimize a typically stressful activity and be easier on the pocket book too!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Read, Antique, Travel, Enjoy the Outdoors, Dancing with my wife, and join my wife in entertaining friends in our home with cooked meals and movies in our theater room!

If you could trade places with anyone for a week, who would it be and why? 


Ryan Seacrest. He is host of a top TV show, syndicated radio show and is in the process of building his own media empire!

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?


The power to heal anyone, with any type of illness, just with the touch of my finger.

What is your dream vacation?

To go to the international space station for a week!

If you could have my readers remember ONE thing about, what would it be and how would you make them remember it? 


I would want your readers to remember that is the best online resource to provide all the resources needed to ensure a smooth, stress free move! I would have them remember it by repeating the following mantra:

“CableMover makes everyone a smooth mover!” 

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