Crazy about Summer – Water Safety Tips

Did you hear that it was 105° in Texas yesterday? It’s hot, hot, HOT!! My family doesn’t have an A/C in the Jeep right now (getting that on Monday, woohoo!) so when it’s hot outside, we’re looking for a way to cool off!! MamaNYC talked to us about heat safety a while back, but today we need to talk about WATER SAFETY.

Water Safety Tips

Last Summer was my first summer as a Child Safety Specialist and I was not prepared for the cases that I received regarding water injuries and drownings. It was overwhelming and quite possibly the reason that The Boy and I only went to the pool (maybe) twice all Summer. This year, I’m bracing myself as the Summer begins and the cases come up. I’m planning to get some swimming lessons for my boy and we’ll be playing in the sprinklers and shooting water blasters more.

If your children are itching to get in the pools, lakes, creeks, and water sprinklers already, be prepared and do your best to keep them safe.

Water Safety Facts - Pool Safety Facts from SafeKids.orgReference:

Water Safety Tips

1. Eyes on the Prize

Water Safety TipsKeep your eyes on the children at all times. Watch children carefully at all times when they are around water, even if they have floatation devices. Even experienced swimmers need supervision. Don’t let yourself be distracted by phones, books, or other conversations when your children are in or near the water. If you ever lose sight of a child, don’t assume they are okay. Check the water first!

2. Teach and Be Taught

Teach your children about the safety tips listed here and in other places. Teach them about the rules of public locations and develop rules for your own swimming areas at home or in your neighborhood.

Swim lessons are everywhere right now and some can be found in affordable places. If you know how to swim, consider teaching your children yourself. If you don’t know how to swim, sign yourself up for lessons first! Take a CPR class and teach your family and friends about what you have learned. Use life jackets and teach your children about safety around water.

3. Lock it Up and Cover it Up

Many families have underground or above ground pools at their own homes and it is very important to practice extra safety with these pools.

a. All pools should have a fence surrounding them that is at least four feet tall and completely surrounds the pool area.

b. The fence should have a secure gate system with a lock too high for children to reach. This lock should be secure at all times and keys should be kept out of children’s reach. (Hint: Keep and extra set of keys near the gate just in case the children manage to get into the pool area and lock you out!)

c. When the pool is not in use, cover the water with a pool cover that is in good condition. If the edges are frayed, children can slip in and get trapped under the cover and become undetectable.

d. Cover drains properly around the pool and ensure that all equipment is away from the sides of the pool to prevent tripping hazards that could cause a child to fall into the pool.

e. If there is a deck surrounding the pool, ensure that all flooring on the deck is secure and consider placing mats around to prevent slipping accidents.

When you are visiting public pools, look around to ensure the areas around and inside the pool are using these same safety tips as well.

4. Use your Friends and Let them use You

Use a buddy system when going to a public pool or swimming area. Take turns being in charge of watching the children. Keep an eye out for others’ children around you in case they are distracted. suggests the Water Watcher system for designating an adult who will not leave the water area until another adult can replace them.

Ideally, children would be watched one-on-one at all times when playing in the water, but I know that when a parent has multiple children, this is not always possible. If you are going to take several children to a water area, grab your friends and work on your tans while watching the children together. Just don’t get wrapped up in talking about your upcoming trip to BlogHer or that new Matthew McConaughey movie and lose track of your children.

water safety

What are your Water Safety Tips or General Summer Safety Tips?

This post was inspired by the lovely Gena from Life with Captain Fussybuckets. She wrote a post about Summer Safety and wanted a Water Safety post to link. So, being the awesome blogger friend I am (and the Safety gal in our group), I obliged. No compensation, no affiliate links, just good ole’ fashioned blogging. 😉



  1. Amanda @ The Frugal Greenish Mama says:

    I think it is so important to be reminded that water is dangerous and we need to be to extra careful with our little ones and adults. Here in Arkansas there are so many rivers, streams and lakes that the buddy system reminder is awesome!
    Amanda @ The Frugal Greenish Mama recently posted..Enter to Win the Bathroom Package-Around the House Giveaway #NoisegirlsMy Profile

    • janet says:

      Thanks Amanda, sometimes when we live around water, it just becomes part of the scenery and we forget that children can be so curious!

  2. Our town learned a big lesson a couple years ago, and again this past weekend actually. No matter their age, kids need to be reminded about water safety. A few kids died on the river when they took out boats that had not been prepared for the season yet, and didn’t know how to swim. Then this weekend something similar happened at the lake, its scary, but again, it doesn’t matter how old they are.
    Sophie S recently posted..Cantigny Gardens and Mine #ChicagoMy Profile

    • janet says:

      It’s so true! We have to start teaching them young about safety and trust that we are doing the best we can.

  3. Awesome post! I think a lot of people forget some of the most common sense safety rules during the summer because they get distracted by all the fun. I think this is an excellent reminder. I shared across social media to help spread the word!
    Miranda Sherman recently posted..Coloring Book Prize Pack + Crayons – GiveawayMy Profile

    • janet says:

      Thank you so much for spreading the word! Common sense is one of the first things to go when people are having fun!

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