Are We There Yet {My Favorite Place}?

Papa and the boy

Since he was very small, my son has always been "okay" with going to spend time with his Granny and Papa or Aunt B. I attribute it mostly to him going to daycare since he was two months old. He loves to be with Hubby and me, but he also loves hanging out at other places. That is, until recently…

When Granny said she was taking The Boy to Colorado for a week, I was initially slightly hesitant, but it wasn't because I didn't want him to go. He was going on his first plane ride with Granny and I was a little sad that we couldn't take him on this fun adventure.

He has spent a week with Granny before when she was on vacation, but this is the first time that he was in a new place and he knew he was far away from Daddy and me. He made it there and back, safe and sound, and was super excited to be home!!

home with Mommy and Daddy

However, things have changed a little for him since that trip. He talks about missing his dogs a lot more now. He misses them when he is at daycare. He asks to go home more when we are out running errands. This past week, we were very busy and travelled a lot and he asked to go home or when we were going to be there…it was new for him.

One of the trips was to Austin for my work and we stayed in a hotel. He had a blast with Daddy during the day while I was working, but he was curious to know when we would be going home. He told us that it was time to go home, but he was sad because it was so far away. Of course, during the ride home, he asked if we could come back tomorrow. 🙂

dressed up for a wedding

The second trip was to Dallas for my brother-in-law's wedding. We stayed with my Granny so The Boy was comfortable with Granny Great and Aunt Winna, but when we had to drive the hour to the wedding, he was unsure. Yesterday, we came home and again he was happy to go home, but sad that it was so far away. When we pulled into town and he woke up from a nap, he was looking around trying to figure out where we were this time. Once he saw the traffic light by his daycare, he KNEW we were close to his home and he started bouncing in his seat!!

So, when I think about my favorite place to be, I think my son has inherited this from my husband and me…

No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home!!

Do you travel a lot or do you like to stay at home? What is your favorite place?



  1. I love being home! I definitely have moments when I just want to be surrounded by familiar and a comfortable environment! But I sure do love to travel! I wish i could do more of it! I’d love the opportunity to miss home more. lol.

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