All You Have To Do Is Jump

When your life is centered around your child almost 24/7, and you’re a mom blogger, then all of your stories tend to revolve around your child. At least for me they do. So, when someone asks you what you think of when you hear the word “Jump” – you think of your child jumping…right? Am I alone on this one?!!

Big Pink Playground Ball

When my boy was about 14 months, we began to worry that he was not walking yet and was not pulling up or cruising all that much either. We talked to his doctor and she helped us get hooked up with Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), a non-profit organization that helps children with developmental screenings and delays. We had an evaluation and I learned that he was weak on his left side. I had always noticed that when he sat, his legs were bent to the left (rather than most children will either sit criss cross or with one leg on each side) but I had never put much thought into it. From him sitting this way since 9 months when he first sat up, until 14 months, this had weakened (constricted) the muscles in his left leg. While this weakening did not prevent him from walking, it didn’t “help” either.

We did a little bit of physical therapy and he started walking at 20 months. He’s 4 now and we can still notice some balance issues and weakness. I have a small obsession with him sitting criss cross rather than bending his legs to one side now, but he tolerates me well. 😛

Also because of this weakness, my boy did not jump (like, two feet off the ground, jump) until just a few months ago. We encouraged him and he would skip and do a one foot jump, but the day that he jumped off the ground with both feet, I was ecstatic!! He must have noticed that it excites me because every time he gets excited now, he stops to balance and then jumps 3 or 4 times. It’s quite hilarious, actually.

Since The Boy started T-ball this year, we have a new challenge and this one is just as cute. Jumping Jacks – who would have thought they would be so difficult to do, much less difficult to TEACH?!!

Jumping Jacks

What is the first thing that YOU think of when you hear the word JUMP?



  1. With time I am sure he will do better at jumping. He sounds like he is progressing wonderfully and I love that when he sees you get excited it prompts him to repeat his action… Good Work Momma!

  2. Well for me it was about making life changes (back to school, moving to a new place)

  3. Emily says:

    My son sits with his legs in a “W” position, I am concerned about it too as he appears to be a bit knock-kneed. We recently had his legs x-rayed, and are hoping that they don’t find anything.

    Anyhow, now you’ve got me thinking about how I’m going to teach him to do jumping jacks. I’m sure it is a hysterical – and difficult – task!

    • janet says:

      Emily – the W is what my son SHOULD have been doing!! 🙂

  4. Sofia says:

    I am truly glad it is all getting better. And the jumping jacks…well, I am 27 years old and still can’t figure those out! OK, a little but I don’t like them one bit.

  5. It’s amazing how having children changes us, isn’t it? It’s as if every word can be related to something they do! Love this post and now I am wondering if I know how to teach Gwen how to do jumping jacks – sounds like a fun summer project!

  6. I think of a lot of things… right now I want to jump into bed because I’m so tired… but I have things to do! Love the bouncing question mark – fits with you “Going Crazy” 🙂 Your son is cute !

  7. Kecia says:

    Hmm, the sitting with legs to one side is something I would never have thought to notice! I am glad that he was able to get physical therapy and that it’s helped!

  8. LOL the trouble with jumping jacks is adorable!!

  9. Dawn says:

    I am glad that the physical therapy has helped! I hope he continues to progress and “jump.” 🙂

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