The Proper Men’s Summer Attire

Summer is here. And the temperature is not the only problem that men should be worried about. The fashion police, for one, should be on their list. With the cool temperature of fall and winter replaced by the hot winds of the summer, jackets and multiple layer of clothing become unbearable and the room for creativity restricted to a few pieces of garments. Selecting the improper set of clothes can be more obvious. For men, the general idea is to stay cool (in the physical, emotional and aesthetic sense of the word) and look clean and simple. This can be achieved by sticking into the following selection of clothes:

1. Polo Shirts During the early days of tennis, players used to wear long sleeved button-up shirts called 'tennis whites.' Rene Lacoste Thought the outfit was uncomfortable and cumbersome to play tennis with. And in came the polo shirt. And since the polo shirt is specifically made for comfort and fashion at the same time, this is the best summer clothing for men. This kind of shirt can either go with the classic jeans or the modern men's shorts. Flip-flops, tennis shoes, or any other casual shoes can compliment any combination.

2. Short Sleeved T-Shirts You can never go wrong with short sleeved T's. This is perhaps the safest choice among men during the summer. It offers maximum comfort without compromising style or appropriateness compared to sando shirts. Like the polo shirt, the T-shirt can go with just about anything. Jeans, cargo pants, shorts, casual shoes, tennis shoes, flip flops, or any other non-formal garments.

3. Short Sleeved Polo's Though not as versatile as the polo shirt and the T-shirt, short sleeved button-up polo's can work when going on semi-formal occasions, which can be more appropriate than a T-shirt. The polo is ideally worn with the classic jeans and semi-formal shoes or dark casual shoes made with leather. short sleeved polo's are ideally worn with T-shirts as undergarments. Although this can be warmer than wearing it alone, it can preserve the integrity of the outfit by protecting it from sweat marks.

4. Men's Shorts Men's shorts are great for going outdoors or other casual occasions. It is cool and comfortable. The shorts look best when paired with shirt and flip-flops or (especially) with the polo shirt and tennis shoes. (don't forget to match the color of the polo shirt and the shoes that contrasts with the shorts).

5. Classic Jeans The classic jeans are the safest, and perhaps the best, choice of clothing for any American (except only for winter where multiple layers are required). The classic Levi's fit or the straight cut are great choices and appropriate anytime while the skinny cut can look great but narrows down your choices. The classic jeans are ideal with any type of shirt or shoes.

6. Casual Shoes Unless you are going for a formal party, the casual leather or rubber shoes can't be beat. The semi-athletic cut goes perfectly with polo shirts and t-shirts while the leather casual shoes can go with almost anything as long as it is paired with the classic jeans. There are many great casual shoe brands in the market and Sketchers are among my favorites. You can buy inexpensive but great looking casual shoes from Kohl's without worrying for shipping fees with Kohls free shipping.

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