My Apologies {Forgiveness Needed}

My Apologies {Forgiveness Needed}

I'm a busy mom with an even busier 4 year old son, am married to a (sorta) needy husband, and have two VERY needy dogs.

I work full time outside the home and (basically) full time blogging. My income is the primary income for the family, although my husband works and his income contributes greatly as well. I haven't started making much with my blogging, mostly because I tend to stick to giveaways for my readers and they don't pay in money (although we have received some really cool stuff ;)).

My family has one vehicle and I'm the only one who knows how to drive it. My day consists of taking Hubby to work, taking The Boy to daycare, going to work, picking up Hubby for lunch and taking him back, heading back to work, picking up Hubby from work, sometimes we go home for a little while, and then picking The Boy up from daycare. Depending on how well we have planned ahead (we never plan ahead) we head back to the grocery store for dinner, come home and eat, give The Boy his bath, defend myself from the boys' wrestling match in the bed next to me while I blog, and then get my blogging done…until 2-3am sometimes. We are all back up at 6am the next day to start it all over.

On the weekends when I don't have to work, Hubby still works so we all have to get up and get him to work, lunch, work, home and in between I'm entertaining The Boy and maybe trying to sneak in some blogging (he doesn't usually let me).

I'm exhausted!!

Sometimes, I let myself have some "me" time procrastinate and read other blogs so when I was reading one of my faves, Mama Does It All, and she was apologizing for being behind on her blogging, I let out a deep breath and knew I was not alone. She's so perfectly imperfect with her honesty and sincerity and I LOVE her for that.

So, here I am, writing my own apology letter –




To My Readers –

I apologize that you are not getting the highest quality of content from me lately and that even when I'm posting giveaways, the reviews are not available. They are coming. I have help to get caught up and I will get them done. I have some plans on how to get these to your attention so stick with me…I'll get there!!

To My Sponsors –

I apologize that your reviews are behind. When I do a review, I put a personal story in each and every one and I want your review to be "perfect" (in my eyes, at least) no matter what you sent to me. I do have plans, I have a little help coming, and they will get done!! I love, Love, LOVE my sponsors and you can rest assured that your review will be seen and promoted…no matter how late it is completed!!

To My Winners –

If you have won something from me recently (or not so recently) and you haven't seen your prize yet, it's coming. I think my oldest "prize not sent yet" is from Spring Buzz (that's the end of March 🙁 ) so if you are an "older" winner than that, please feel free to email me at janet (at) goingcrazywannago (dot) com to let me know.

To My Family –

Be patient with me while I get caught up, then I will need to catch up on sleep, and then – well, maybe I'll see you at The Boy's high school graduation… 😛

In my spare time, I would love to –

clean up my house (seriously, Mama's house is SPOTLESS compared to mine!!),

make some Summer crafts with my preschooler (The Boy LOVES crafts, especially messy crafts!!),

and get back to my Blogging Basics and focus back on why I started blogging.

Have you ever started a hobby and then realized that it took over your life?!! Have you been so busy in your Mommy role that you looked up one day to see your life, home, family resembles a tornado zone?!!


  1. Janet, I can totally relate! I am behind on reviews and like you, I want to include a personal story and photos with each one so I can make sure they are of the highest quality. On top of it all, I have my 9 year old on the weekends, then my husband and I have ‘our’ weekend on Monday and Tuesday and that is when I spend time with my husband and get caught up on housework most of the time. We have technically 2 cars now, but we are selling one soon, once we get it repaired. Don’t worry, you are most definitely not alone!

  2. barb says:

    Great post Janet…I can so relate to your 1 car family situation only I’m the one at home…and can’t drive his truck. 🙂

    I had no idea you had so much on your plate. I knew you were busy and that you did a lot, I just didn’t realize “how much” it was. If I were any closer I’d give you big hugs, make you a cup of coffee (or tea) and tell you to hand over your work load.


    • janet says:

      awww…thanks, Barb!! I wish we were closer so we could go have some coffee (or something stronger perhaps) and I would totally come pick you up to go out!!

  3. (((HUGS))) to you! I can feel you exhaustion. Or maybe that is my own exhaustion that I am feeling. Lol!

    Please just do one thing if you do nothing else. Put that little boy of yours first ~ no matter what else needs doing or what else you feel you need to apologize for. They grow up so quickly and every memory of time spent with him will be a blessing. Also, you have no guarantee of time with him ~ I recently lost one of my sons suddenly and unexpectedly. I thank God every day for the time I spent with my son ~ especially the time and love we shared that last year together.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you. But it is so important to not forget that our children are a priority. Take care,

  4. I may not have a kid, but I work and I am applying for college. The research, going back and forth to the college, making appointments, and trying to do stuff with my hubby when he isn’t at work or in college is hard. I can’t imagine being in your shoes!!


  5. Elle says:

    No apologies needed.
    I know how exhausting it can be just to drive someone around. I had to do that for hubby for years too and now I’m having to do it for my step-son. But at least I wasn’t also the main breadwinner at the time.

    And I didn’t/don’t have a young child. The dog’s I do have…and they think they need attention constantly! Especially when I’m trying to do housework.

    It’s a wonder you get anything at all done. I think you should be proud of yourself for all you do manage to do!

  6. You do not need to apologize! I got tired just reading your schedule! You do an amazing job at everything but don’t put such high expectations on yourself! Family always comes first in my book! Keep up the awesomeness!

  7. Gena says:

    I just LOVE you and Mama Does It All! You two are so sweet and supportive and the fact that you admit your imperfections is amazing and so, so real. I just love that about both of you!

    Now, seriously….teach your hubby to drive the car! You’re making me exhausted!!! 🙂

  8. Cheryl says:

    Awww I can SO relate!!! Hugs!! We all love you and everything you do! No apologies! I work FT outside the home too and am the greatest source of income, as my hubby is disabled, but who can live on a disability income? Not many, esp. with the price of his meds! Try to have your hubby take his lunch to work, or if available, see if he can take a bus to work, it will make SUCH a big difference with your sanity!! 🙂

  9. You have no idea how much this meant to me today. Seriously, I have tears in my eyes as I am reading it. I have been having a really rough week personally and this just made my day.

  10. Bonnie says:

    We (bloggers) are only human. We all need to have a small break from work, just the same as everyone else.
    I have developer a pattern of not blogging on the weekends. At first it was difficult. But I have finally let go and realized I can not be everything to everyone.
    Good luck!

  11. Erin @ Simply Frugal Mom says:

    Every word rings true with me! I’m also work full time, mommy full time, wife full time, and blog (in my “spare” time). It’s such a hard balance. No apologies needed!

  12. Absolutely no apologies needed–there are weeks where I can barely get the giveaways others have put together up! We all have lives that do not revolve around giveaways and blogging–and that is how it should be-family first. That said–would it be possible for your hubby to bring lunch to work with him-thus saving you at least two trips a day?
    (Picking him up for lunch and then taking him back)

  13. No need to apologize. You are super Mom/Super Blogger for all you’re doing!

  14. Billie says:

    I can totally relate to you! I’m a sahm with my two youngest girls, 3 & 4 years old. Not only do I have the girls to take care of, but also a messy husband, 3 cats, 1 dog, chickens, ducks and a blog. I swear, I don’t know where the time goes! It seems like I just can’t get caught up no matter how hard I try. I’m up until 1 or 2 a.m. and back up by 7 am, still not enough time to get everything done.

    Hang in there, things will work out and there’s no need to apologize. 🙂

  15. No apologies necessary. Do it at your pace. It’s your blog!

  16. Darcy says:

    I’m behind too – it seems a lot of us. Family comes first though! We understand 🙂

  17. Greta says:

    Oh holy moly yes. I feel you! I recently posted a project that I have been working on for 6 months!! Sometimes I wonder where the time goes, but today I’ve been watching tv for 4 hours while deciding what to blog about first.

  18. Oh, stop!!! <3

    We (or… at least I do) love you for all you do. This is SUPPOSED to be fun – and while I take blogging fairly seriously (especially on certain days!!!), I still try to sit back and remember WHY I started this – for fun, keep myself busy as a SAHM, and discover new and/or AMAZING products for our family. I surely got what I asked for.. some days I cannot breathe (as you know) b/c I am SO overwhelmed. Some nights turn into "oh.. the sun is coming up – and ALL I did tonight was ONE Wordless Wednesday post?!?!" Skipping a day, or even a WEEK – is okay. Take one thing at a time, prioritize, and heck – maybe go WILD and make a list. I'm here if you need any help!!!!

    Did I EVER start a hobby and realize it took over my life? Hahah! Funny you ask. I started selling on eBay right around the time it opened – maybe 2000 actually. Shortly thereafter, I was running a BUSINESS from home while working 2 jobs and attending college F/T. That took me into managing a large e-commerce business for 5-years, which made eBay not so fun anymore. I left in February 2009 and haven't looked at eBay again. I get scared sometimes that I will turn blogging into a repeat of eBay, but I do enjoy "working" for myself much more than having a superior – and this.. is a LITTLE more fun 🙂

    Remember its still supposed to be a fun hobby at the end of the day. You work F/T, have one car, and I applaud you for those "real life" thing you do – beyond the blog. You go above and beyond and I know you are going to just keep growing and growing until your blog explodes (in a good way). Keep your chin up and I will be patiently awaiting your next blog post (HURRY UP!!!)

    *hugs & smoooches*

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