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As I make this journey through parenthood, I have lots of things to worry about. My biggest concern has always been that my son would have to struggle with weight issues like Hubby and me and I have promised myself that I will do what I can to prevent that from happening. Through my pregnancy, I ate healthy and took care of myself. I lost weight during my pregnancy, only to gain it back (and more) after giving birth. In May 2010, Hubby and I started trying to really get healthy and lost a lot of weight. We were active and felt great, but then things went back downhill. We have continued to try back and forth, but our biggest downfall keeps sneaking back in.

Making Homemade PizzaHomemade Pizza

That downfall (disguised in the form of exhaustion, convenience, ease of preparation)


{The Food Nut and The Boy making Homemade Pizza!!}

After we had so much fun with last month’s experience joining the Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project, I was thrilled to learn that this month’s challenge is Jennie-O Make The Switch Challenge!!

Jennie-O CFK Project Card

SIMPLE Service Project May Jennie-O Make the Healthy Switch {Champions for Kids}

The challenge this month is to give up on an unhealthy food or beverage and use the savings to provide nutritious food to children in your community. What better way to do this than to give up the unhealthy pizza we eat and donate the savings to our local food bank?!!

I hate to admit this, but my family eats pizza on average once per week. What that means is that usually the week I get paid we have pizza several times and then during the month we might have it every other week or so. Sometimes we order out {My fave is Stuffed Crust Pepperoni from Pizza Hut}, sometimes we pick it up from the drive thru {Hot-n-Ready from Little Caesars}, and most recently we’ve discovered the bake ready pizza from the deli at Brookshires where Hubby works.

While Pizza Hut is the most expensive and Brookshires is the least expensive, all of it is unhealthy and not cost effective when we are struggling to make it by the end of the month.

Pizza Hut online orderingHot-N-Ready from Little Caesars

Our Pizza Nights can cost anywhere from $15 to almost $30!! With that amount of money and buying Jennie-O products at the grocery store, not only could we be buying so much more, we would be healthier, we would have enough to donate to the local food bank!! Our family has used the food bank in the past and I have always thought about donating to them again, but we still struggle sometimes due to our decisions with money so it’s never been possible yet. I also remember when we did go there for a few months several years ago, the food given was not always the healthiest or was not the freshest. It would really warm my heart to be able to provide healthy foods to those who need the food bank and fresh foods so the bank can keep giving to those in need.

The East Texas Food Bank distributes approximately 17 million pounds of food each year to over 200 partner agencies in 26 East Texas counties. The East Texas Food Bank is a member of Feeding America and the Texas Food Bank Network. To learn more, please visit

Shopping Trip for Jennie-O Make the Switch Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project

Hubby was off this weekend so we got to go shopping as a family for this project!! We headed to Walmart and looked through the meat at all of the Jennie-O products (among other fun things) and were slightly disappointed by the lack of products on this day. We did realize that it was the first weekend of the month and we went later in the day to one of the three main grocery stores in our town so we are hoping that our Walmart was just running low.

Jennie-O Products at Walmart

Check out our fun day and “interesting” shop in my Google + Album!!

Learn more about the Jennie-O Make the Switch Challenge at Champions for Kids.

Find out more about what others are doing by following @Champions4Kids and Champions for Kids on Facebook.

Learn more about Jennie-O products at the Jennie-O website.

Are you ready to Make the Switch?!! What could you give up to be more healthy and give to others in need?!!

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  1. Terri says:

    I think it is fantastic that the Champions for Kids program is inspiring your family to make a healthy change, not only for yourselves but for your community! Way to go, Mom! You bring up a very important point, in that many times the food donated to these organization is not the healthiest options. I was really surprised to learn just how affordable Jennie-O products are, and so healthy, too! What a wonderful gift you’ll be giving to children in need!

  2. Pam says:

    I had planned on making a pizza with our Jennie-O products but couldn’t find the pepperoni. We love pizza at our house too! Good for you for giving up a favorite food. 🙂

    • janet says:

      Have you tried Sam’s? We “accidentally” found a ton of Jennie-O at Sam’s this week!!

  3. I have been wanting to make my own pizza for a while now! Got to convince hubby!

  4. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    We love making homemade pizza, sometimes we make big ones but I like making the little ones so that we can each put on what we want. We love Turkey Bacon from Jennie-O to, I think it tastes much better.

  5. We love pizza too but we don’t buy it very often. I want to try and eat healthier too. I lost a lot of weight during my pregnancy (gave birth March 12th), I’ve gained a little back but I’m hoping to lower it back down. Good luck on your switch; Jennie-O products are awesome!

  6. Living in New York means I MUST have a slice of pizza at least once a week (it’s an actual unwritten law, or at least I tell myself it is!!!). I love our pizza here in NYC, so it is really hard fighting the temptation.

    However…! You are SO right about the expense. It is really pricey. I remember when a pie of pizza was an affordable meal. Loved hearing about this campaign – we will definitely look into making a switch in our family!!!

  7. Kecia says:

    We are pizza lovers here too, and you are right, it can be expensive! We try to make it at home when possible, but sometimes we order out for convenience. It’s nice to see you giving back by cutting out a favorite meal. Great job!

  8. Monica says:

    What an awesome way to not only help yourself, but help others. I’m doing the Below The Line campaign this week where I eat and drink for only $1.50 a day for 5 days to help raise awareness for those who do that on a daily basis. I am eating one meal a day and it’s not easy at all! Really makes you stop and think though when it’s not just you you’re thinking about, but others too. We have it good!

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