Caterpillar Baby Gift from The Babbling Baby {Review}

I love baby gifts!!

All the tiny socks and blankets and the soft blankies and cuddly little toys…so stinkin’ adorable!!

I reviewed for The Babbling Baby around Mother’s Day when I showed you the Giant Fortune Cookie and the Super Grandma {or Mom} T-shirt, but this time I’m bringing to you the most ADORABLE baby gift I have ever seen!!

Caterpillar baby giftLook at this adorable Caterpillar made from baby gifts. Wrapped up in this little guy (who looks like he could be a toy all his own) is the following: hooded towel, receiving blanket, tote bag, quilted changing pad, terry toy, 4 pairs of socks, and a wrist rattle. I knew I had to open this up to show you all what it looked like, but it was just breaking my heart!! I’m going to show you a Before, During, and After…

Do you think that I was able to get it back together to actually give as a gift?!!

♦ Before ♦

Caterpillar baby gift from The Babbling Baby

This Caterpillar is so adorable!! Hubby has a friend at work who recently had a baby girl and we are so anxious to give this to them as a gift. We had invited them over so they could open it while I took pictures, but they couldn’t make it so I had to take it apart myself. 

♦ During ♦

Caterpillar baby gift from The Babbling Baby

My boy was so concerned about me “breaking” the caterpillar as I was opening him, but when he saw the tiny socks he wanted to play with them. 🙂 There were TONS of little plastic fasteners holding all of the pieces together so I would definitely recommend washing all of the pieces before using or giving any of it to baby. There was also some batting making the basic rolls of the body and in the tote bag that made the rear end of the caterpillar.

Head – Pink hooded towel with wrist rattle tied for antennae (roll of batting to make the shape)

First roll of body – Pink quilted changing pad wrapped around batting and rolled to make the shape

Second roll of body – Yellow receiving blanket wrapped around batting and rolled to make the shape

End – Pink tote bag stuffed with batting to hold the shape

Feet – Cute little baby socks!!

Such a FUN baby gift!!

♦ After ♦

Caterpillar Baby Gift from The Babbling Baby

I was able to get it all put back together although it’s not as attached as it was originally. Now, I really can’t wait to give it to our friends. This gift is the perfect conversation starter and most adorable baby gift.

The Babbling Baby

A baby gift straight from nature. This beautiful caterpillar actually metamorph’s into a wonderful baby gift. Beautifully wrapped and uniquely presented, this is one gift that will capture the imagination. Photos don’t do this one justice! It’s a favorite here and everyone who sees it in person is astounded.

Contents: Hooded towel, Receiving Blanket, Tote bag, Quilted changing pad, Terry toy, 4 pairs of socks, Wrist rattle

All of the gifts on the site are unique and fun and you will love just browsing around. The primary focus of the site is for baby gifts and invitations/announcements, but there is so much more and new things being added all the time. The owner is so sweet and helpful and she is striving to provide the most unique and adorable gifts for all occasions. I think she’s doing a wonderful job of it too!!

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Check out The Babbling Baby!!

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Do you have a special person in your life who needs a baby gift? Check out The Babbling Baby and let me know what else you love!!


  1. Caitlin McClure says:

    This is adorable! I’d love it

  2. Katherine says:

    So cute!! Would make an awesome shower gift!!

  3. This is so cute… I would love to get one at my baby shower. 🙂

  4. Stephanie H says:

    Not only does it have wonderful and much needed gifts it is so cute it would be hard to take it apart for the gifts

  5. rebecca says:

    Its so creative! I love gifts that can be reused!

  6. Rebecca Wood says:

    This is so cute! What a wonderful shower gift for anyone having a little girl!

  7. absolutely adorable, we have so many new babies in my family this past year and always looking for new gift ideas..this is just huggable and useful.

  8. courtney b says:

    i love the idea of a gift caterpillar.. plus the face is so sweet and adorable!:) my little girl would fall in love with this.

  9. This is so cute! I love diaper cakes but they’re kinda overdone. This is something new that nobody really does yet. I’ll be checking this out for the next baby shower that I attend 😉

  10. polly says:

    so cute-what a fun baby shower gift to give

  11. Bee says:

    This is really cute! So much more creative than a diaper cake.

  12. debbie jackson says:

    adorable……….i need this for my niece

  13. Alisha Hodges says:

    This is adorable! I would love it if someone had given it to me as a gift!

  14. That is so cute. One of my friend’s daughter just had her first baby (a girl) this month, and I know she would love this.

  15. Leah S says:

    wow this is really amazing and smart!

  16. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    This is so cute and practical!

  17. Molly Bussler says:

    The gifts are so adorable!

  18. jennifer k says:

    OMG that is the cutest thing ever. I love it!

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